Card of the Day: 2005 Prime Patches Portraits Logo C.C. Sabathia

With C.C. Sabathia’s trade over the weekend to the Milwaukee Brewers, I felt it time to discuss this particular card: 2005 Prime Patches Portraits Team Logo, serial numbered 136. This card features a swatch of Sabathia’s game-used road uniform with a three-color patch from the team’s logo, which was sewn into the chest of the jersey. What I’ve been unable to discern is if this patch is from the infamous Indian head mascot — which is highly controversial — or from the script “I” the team has taken a liking to in recent years. At first I figured it was the Indian head mascot, but the patch is a bit rigid for that. Notice straight lines and apparent 75 degree angle at the bottom. Anyone have any insight? As for the card and Sabathia itself, I always wondered how other team collectors feel about memorabilia cards of players who are traded from their teams. I think there is some initial sorrow, and the market softens tremendously. But in the long run, do team collectors — and by those I mean who collect everyone who ever donned their team’s jersey — really care? Personally, if I had a chance to acquire a sweet Johnny Damon patch from his days with the Sox, I would not be able to pass it up. But that’s just me.

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