Card of the Day: 1958 Topps World Series Batting Foes (Mickey Mantle / Hank Aaron)

Mickey Mantle and Hank Aaron are indeed two of the hobbies greatest names, and on this 1958 Topps ( 418 ) World Series Batting Foes you get images of both players while celebrating a classic World Series confrontation they shared. Today I celebrate this card, I can’t believe it’s 50 years old, because it is my latest addition to my personal collection. There are no creases, no rips, no writing. Just a bit off-center and some tape residue, just the way I like my vintage. It books at $400, yet I got this, another card from the ’58 set (Mays/Snider Fence Busters [436] ), a Nolan Ryan autograph and more for less than 10 percent of what this card is worth. I attribute that to a poorly titled auction.

But I’m not going to sit here and gush over my steal, I want to discuss this particular card and the 1957 World Series. The image depicted here is a striking one. It pits the switch-hitting Mantle against the right handed slugger Aaron with Yankee Stadium in the background. And for you newer collectors, if this card looks a bit familiar, it’s because Topps produced a similar-looking, and similar-themed, card in its 2007 Topps Heritage set (see image below) pitting 2006 World Series opponents Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals and Magglio Ordonez of the Detroit Tigers.

Mantle and Aaron went head-to-head in the ’57 series, and by all accounts Aaron was the better offensive player. Aaron hit nearly .400, collected 11 hits in the seven-game series, including three homers (games 3,4, and 6) and seven RBIs. Meanwhile Mantle went 5-18 and didn’t start Games 5 or 6. I’m unsure why.

But the real story of the Series was Braves pitcher and eventual MVP Lou Burdette, who hurled three complete games, including the clincher at Yankee Stadium. Topps made a card commemorating his efforts (along with Yankee pitcher Bobby Shantz). Perhaps I’ll have to go get that card ($10) next.

The aforementioned 2007 Topps Heritage Pujols/Ordonez card. This is an image from Beckett. I could not find my copy this morning.

2 Responses to “Card of the Day: 1958 Topps World Series Batting Foes (Mickey Mantle / Hank Aaron)”

  1. […] A is very near and dear to my heart. I actually wrote about it more than a year ago.  Anyhow, Card A is in great shape if it weren’t for the tape residue at the top of bottom. […]

  2. Greg Perrine Says:

    I picked up this same card at a show in the early 90’s… autographed by each… Mantle in felt tip, Aaron in ballpoint! Never had it authenticated but as I recall I paid $60 for it, just before I had Leo Doroucher sign a card for me…. a 47 Bowman as I recall.

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