Card of the Day: 1992 Bowman Manny Ramirez rookie

Take a good look, Boston fans, this may be the last time this card has a place in your collection. OK, I’m being a bit facetious. Regardless if Manny gets traded today, this 1992 Bowman Manny Ramirez rookie should remain in your collection because he’s a future Hall of Famer, and a huge part of this team’s history. But I know there are some of you guys out there, crying about how Manny has not been giving it his all this week, taking his sweet-ass time jogging to first on a couple of ground balls. And because of that you’re preparing to get rid of your Manny collections as if he pulled a John Rocker. Please.

Red Sox fans should be thanking their lucky stars that they’ve have a chance to watch Manny the last eight seasons. Sure he’s been a sideshow and takes away from the team at times, but without Manny there is no 2004, or 2007. And without those titles, the world would still be hearing about Ruth’s Curse, Grady Little, and Bill Buckner.

Manny is a quirky dude. He’s got the whole world talking this “Manny being Manny” nonesense. And Manny had some choice words for BoSox management. But damnit, Manny is the best hitter the Sox have seen since Ted Williams. He’s better than Yaz. He’s better than Boggs. Regardless of what happens today, it is your duty as a Red Sox fan and baseball card collector not to go dumping Manny cards because he is changing jerseys.

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