Card of the Day: 2002 Bowman Chrome Jason Bay rookie (uncirculated)

It’s funny how a change of scenery suddenly rejuvinates interest in a player’s rookie card. If you’ve been reading this blog this week, you’ve seen a pair of other posts discussing traded players, namely Manny Ramirez and Ken Griffey Jr. So you knew I had to post something about Bay, right? Bay is no stranger to cardboard glory. While he was hardly a household name prior to his move to the Red Sox, baseball fans got a taste of what Bay was all about in 2004 when he won the National League Rookie of the Year award. Then he had a pair of sub-pair seasons and seemingly disappeared. But now he’s back, and so is interest in his cards.

A move to Boston or any other big sports city usually does wonders for a player’s cardboard. But when the move is coupled by instant success and the back story that your father was a die-hard fan of your new team, that’s a killer combo.

In my opinion, the card shown here — 2002 Bowman Chrome Uncirculated — is the second-best Jason Bay rookie card available on the market, second only to the 2002 Finest rookie which bears his signature. This card is in a plastic case and sealed with a supposedly tamper-proof holo-foil sticker from Topps, the makers of the card. The only way to obtain this rookie card was through a redemption program. Haven’t seen these before? That’s because that majority of them are sitting in a vault at What’s the point in owning a card if it is in someone else’s vault?

Anyhow, gonna keep it on the short side today. Been a long weekend.

If you get a chance read the back of this card under “Skills.” Scouts said, … “Rates abotu average Major League power potential, speed and defensive skill. Pretty interesting considering he’s turned out to be a pretty decent power guy.

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