Card of the Day: 1995 Upper Deck Checklists Montreal Expos

Pop quiz: What team won the National League Eastern Division before the Atlanta Braves went on its epic run of 11 straight titles? You guessed it, the Montreal Expos. The Expos have been an interesting franchise in the decade before it was owned and operated by Major League Baseball and then ultimately moved and renamed. But in the one season of glory during the 1990s, the Expos seemed destined for the World Series. Unfortunately it came in 1994, the season that was cut short due to a work stoppage. There were no playoffs that year, and the Expos never got to find out how good they were.

A look at the roster reveals some names that have not been spoken of in years (Wil Cordero, Jeff Fassero, Sean Berry and Ken Hill), some of baseball’s best young player at the time (Cliff Floyd and Moises Alou) and two future hall of famers (Pedro Martinez and Larry Walker).

Alou and Walker used their high batting averages, power and a penchant for driving in runs to form one of the better offensive combos in the league at the time. And the ‘Spos five-man rotation was one of the best in the league. Four of them had ERAs under 3.50, Ken Hill won 16 games that year, Pedro struckout nearly a batter per inning and Butch Henry (who?!) had a team-best ERA of 2.43 in 107 innings (15 starts).

That team had a six-game lead on the division when the season was called off. It’s 74-40 record was the best in the Majors, and the squad was en route to only the second post season berth in franchise history. But in a sense it was all for not. It was a magical season that will forever be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

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