Card of the Day: 1994 Collector’s Choice Alex Rodriguez Silver Signature

Alex Rodriguez has one rookie card that is a must have, that being the 1994 SP card number 15. But among the rookie-year issues there are a few of them that fetch a pretty decent dollar. The Score Rookie Call Up, Leaf Limited Gold Rookies and SP Holoview Red all sell for several hundred dollars. But in my opinion there is one card that gets over looked, the 1994 Collector’s Choice silver signature.

Collector’s Choice was a brand made by Upper Deck targeted mainly at young collectors with a price point in the $1 per pack range. And in each pack there was one silver signature card, which was basically a replica of the player’s base card, only it was adorned with a foil signature on the front. In the second series collector’s had an opportunity to pull silver replica signature of legendary basketball player Michael Jordan
and then-budding baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

There were no real signed rookie cards of Alex Rodriguez. He had some autographed minor league issues — and Upper Deck later had Alex sign some cards and insert them into products in later years — but in their true form, autographed Alex Rodriguez rookies do not exist. Therefore this silver signature version is the closest collectors will come to owning a legit auto rookie of A-rod.

On a side note, there are at least two versions of this silver signature. The one pictured here is perhaps the rarest of them all: the White Letter version. Look at Alex’s name on the front of this card. Silver Signature parallel cards typically had the letter written in silver (like the one below). There have been less than 10 of these on eBay in recent years and they often fetch between $225-$500 depending on condition. The more common silver letter version can be had for $10-$20.

White Letter:

Silver Letter:

6 Responses to “Card of the Day: 1994 Collector’s Choice Alex Rodriguez Silver Signature”

  1. Where ya been? Hadn’t read anything new in awhile.

    Everything alright?

    Just checkin’ in. I know lots of people have been affected by the recent Hurricanes and I wasn’t sure if you were on of them.

  2. I just found this card in my old collection, I’ve had it in a hard case for 15 years, and just found out it might be worth something. How much could I sell it for??

    It seems to be in great condition. This is the only article online i have found pertaining to this card. It must be pretty rare. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for getting this info out there. Both of the error cards I have were gotten by luck when I bought two separate Arod card lots during the past 15 yrs. I agree it is a super rare card and very hard to find. I have one of the graded ones in the Beckett grading population report and intend on getting the second graded soon. Of all my Arods, including the Score rookie Call Up RC, the Collector’s Choice silver signature error card is my favorite and rarest in my opinion. You can see the cards at or here:


    There are also error cards of Derek Jeter and otehr players in the Future Foundations subset that are just as rare as the Arod.

  4. i have a factory set of these cards with the foil rookies in it do you know the value

  5. terry odonnell Says:

    i was given a box of 94 collectors choice and pulled a a-rod gold sig and a micheal jordan gold sig out of one pack what a score still got em

  6. […] Letter Variation” cards of Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, the two best in the set.  As I’ve documented here before, these cards are much rarer than the basic silver signature cards that were offered one per […]

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