Card of the Day: 2007 Topps Dustin Pedroia autograph

It’s been seven weeks since I last posted here. And if you’re still checking out the page, I say thank you. I have not been dealing much in sports cards over the last month and a half. Partly because of stuff in the personal life, partly because of the change over at, a site that I spent entirely way too much time on before the switch. But it is times like these, the times when I am oblivious to the new products on the market, that I start to appreciate what I already have. Today the card that piques my interest is the 2007 Topps Dustin Pedroia autograph card.

This is a base card that was signed by the Red Sox second baseman, who I think should be the Amerian League Most Value Player. I may be a little biased because I am a Red Sox fan, and own Pedroia in my primary fantasy baseball league. But unless Justin Morneau pulls out an amazing performance on Tuesday in the tie breaker game against the White Sox, it should be Pedroia who earns the title of being the most valuable player to his American League team.  The second baseman finished the year second in batting, first in hits and in runs scored. At times he was the hottest player in the game. And after Boston and Manny Ramirez parted ways, Pedroia managed to put the team on his back and lead it to a playoff berth.

This card is not his rookie, but is the first Topps card produced of the Boston star. This was signed through the mail during the 2007 season, months before he was awarded the American League Rookie of the Year hardware. Pedroia’s rookies can be found in certain 2004 products.

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