Card of the Day: 2007 Bowman Chrome Tim Lincecum autograph rookie

Quick: Brandon Webb or Tim Lincecum for the National League Cy Young award? Webb won 22 games, but he sure as hell was not as dominating as Tim Lincecum. Lincecum won 18 games, led the league in strikeouts and finished second in ERA to perennial CY Young candidate Johan Santana. Lincecum is the Cy Young winner, hands down.

Webb had a spectacular season, but wins cannot be the sole reason for getting the top pitching award. Lincecum posted his statistics for a poor Giants team that is making its way through adolescence … literally. And before you go throwing Johan Santana into the mix, think again. Hell, the Mets didn’t even send a voter package to baseball writers voting on the award. See the PDFs Arizona and San Francisco sent to voters campaigning on behalf of their respective CY Young candidates here. They’re pretty neat. Thanks to Andrew Baggarly at the San Jose Mercury News for putting these up for his readers.

As the for cardboard, this is a 2007 Bowman Chrome Prospects autographed card. Under the “new” rookie card rules, it’s not considered his official rookie, but ask any collector what he would rather have this card, or the one of two different Bowman Chrome Lincecum rookies on the market. The clear cut winner is this card, which has sold for as high as $125 in raw condition since it’s release last summer. I apologize for the poor scan. My copy is in a BGS slab and my scanner does not do a great job of scanning multidimentional items.

4 Responses to “Card of the Day: 2007 Bowman Chrome Tim Lincecum autograph rookie”

  1. I absolutely LOVE Lincecum! I can’t wait for the day it’s Timmy & Madison in the rotation. Surely, the Giants will still suck but at least they have two guaranteed wins each week.

  2. clickmedium Says:

    I like Lincecum, but I think that Johan should win the Cy Young. I’ve got a breakdown at

  3. I wish i could of pulled that one, iv got 4 autos from that year. The best one probably being Chris Coghlan. Did you buy it or pull it?

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