Card of the Day: 1992 Stadium Club Wade Boggs

Running short on time today so I’m going to keep this short. Take a look at this Wade Boggs 1992 Stadium Club. I didn’t even realize this thing existed until I pulled it from a monster box I bought at a local thrift shop for $20. The box contained a bunch of star cards, Griffey, Thomas, etc., but there were a few odd-ball cards and weird looking issues — like this Boggs– that piqued my interest. Today I share this card because of what it depicts, as well as the outcome of last night’s Game Four match between the Boston Red Sox and Anaheim Angels, and Boggs’ link between the Red Sox and their American League Championship Series foes, the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays.

The image used on this Stadium Club card immediately caught my attention because it is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Sure, Topps’ Stadium Club line of cards always used edgy photos, but this is an odd one. I mean the card is for Wade Boggs, yet the image we have here is him leading the pack in what appears to be a celebration after a game-winning hit, likely a home run, by someone else. If you ask me the image probably would have been better used on one of those Super Team cards, which I might add were an awesome idea.

As for Boggs, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tampa Bay ask Wade Boggs to throw out the first pitch in Friday’s first game of the American League Championship Series. Boggs, a former Red Sox, Yankee and (Devil) Ray, would be a wise choice seeing as how he collected his 3000th hit with the club, but went into the Hall of Fame wearing a Sox cap.

Oh, and just for fun, if you’re a fan of Craig Sager bashing, check out this YouTube video of Jonathan Papelbon soaking Sager’s hideous suit with champagne Monday night.

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