Water is the Devil for card collectors

My mother always told me, “If it’s important to you, then get it off the floor.”  She said this several times to me when I was younger, mainly because I always had stacks of cards on the floor as I strived to have things in an orderly fashion.

Well, Sunday night, not two hours after learning about my “promotion” in the blogosphere, I learned my lesson the hard way: A hose on my washer broke free and running water spilled onto the floor of the garage, the “room” where I store the vast majority of my cards.  

Thankfully, I’d listened to my mother’s saying. Most of the cards were about three feet off the ground on a wire rack, but among the casualties were a 5,000 count box of semi-stars and commons that was on its way to charity, my priceless collection of Beckett Baseball magazines, and a Stone Cold Steve Austin autographed 8×10 given to me by my mother about 10 years ago.

The cards aren’t a total waste, and neither is the collection of magazines. The cards are still worth donating, and the boxes that held the magazines took the brunt of the water damage.

But the Austin autograph, which I cherished more when I was younger, has been ruined.

This does serve as a reminder to myself, and to other collectors, that if something is precious to you, take care of it. Because remember, the cardboard you collect is not indestructible. It can be ruined at a moment’s notice.

3 Responses to “Water is the Devil for card collectors”

  1. Man that stinks. I had a similar thing happen to me a couple of years ago, our air conditioner’s coils froze up and we were without A/C for a few days. Apparently when it happened some of the water that leaked got the carpet in the next room damp but I never realized it. I had my cards in there but like you, most were on shelves. I did have a few boxes of doubles and junk on the floor though. I started looking through them for some stuff to trade and when I got to the box on the floor it turned out that it was my box of 1991-2002 Fleer Ultra. I have no idea what it was doing there, but the box soaked up just enough water to get the very bottom of the cards wet. Like your commons box, most everything is still ok, but it sure ain’t mint anymore. Plus I had already sleeved all the ‘good’ cards in the box. Still it’s a good lesson for anyone to learn, keep your good stuff off the floor.

  2. Mom’s know best.

  3. how did you get the cards dry?

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