Card of the Day: 1997 Bowman Joe Young

Meet Joe Young. He is a Canadian-born former baseball player who apparently ditched a possible professional hockey career (what Canadian-born baseball player doesn’t do this?) to play America’s Pastime. He was drafted in 1993 by the Blue Jays, which I suppose is a good thing since he is from Canada. And according to the Bowman Scouts, he possessed a hell of a fastball, so good in fact that he averaged upward of 11 strikeouts per 9 innings.

But where is Joe now? It looks like he disappeared from pro baseball in 1998, a year after this rookie card.

However, “Joe Young,” is not gone from baseball completely. Some of you video gamers recognize the name, although it has zero affiliation with the player pictured above. The name “Joe Young” is the one gaming companies affixed to Barry Bonds’ character in games such as MLB 2K8.

I’m almost positive that the name is a reference to a 1949 movie about a giant, strong Ape, not unlike King Kong. And because Bonds was not part of the baseball player’s union — he was his own entity, this is why is a Topps exclusive guy these days — his name and likeness were not permitted in the game because he didn’t sign a contract with the gamer.

Of course this is hardly new news, the 2K franchise has been using the Joe Young name for at least two seasons, and I’m sure many of you guys already knew about the Joe Young reference. But needless to say when I stumbled upon this 1997 Bowman rookie card of an actual player named Joe Young, I had a good laugh, and figured some of you might, too. I wonder if the real Joe Young knows about this.

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