Sons of Anarchy + Guitar Hero = Less Card Business

I’m a bad blogger. Between six episodes of “Sons of Anarchy” and obtaining my copy of recently released “Guitar Hero: World Tour,” (XBOX 360) I’ve not really had a chance to sit down and fumble with cards this weekend. I tried to promise myself, and my wife, that I’d stay as far away from the computer as possible for a good 24 hours. That said, here I am Monday morning without a Card of the Day. My apologies.

By chance do any of you good citizens of the card collecting world watch “Sons of Anarchy?” It’s the new series on FX about an outlaw motorcycle-club in central California. Good show, I highly recommend it. My wife and I had been recording it all season without watching an episode. Then suddenly we watched one, then two, then four and six episodes in a single day. The show is that good. Watch it … just not all in one sitting. (We did take breaks to clean the house, go to dinner and shop.)

Anyhow, as it pertains to cards and sports, I’ve kind of found myself with a new quandary this weekend. For about three months I stopped my set-collecting efforts, telling myself it was a waste of time. And with a child on the way — she should be here in January — it’d be best to just ditch the efforts all together. But what I’ve found is that if I do not try to complete a set, then I am left with hundreds of commons for no reason, and with inserts that can’t be traded for anything.

So, I’ve decided to rejuvenate my set-collecting efforts. Look at the top-right corner of my blog’s homepage (or click here) for a current list of set needs. I’m working on about a dozen sets at the moment. In the upcoming days and weeks I’ll put together some sort of list with trade-able items. I’ve got hundreds of cards to trade.

Also, if anyone has a starter set of 2008 Topps Update/Highlights for trade, I’m VERY interested. I’ve got a 2007 Topps Heritage starter for trade, and a bunch of other stuff. I’m really fighting the urge to go out of pocket to buy any U&H. It’s a set full of stars and rookies, but I just can’t justify the purchase at the moment.

If you’ve got anything for me, or are looking for anything inparticular, send e-mails to:



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