World Series: Praying For Resolution

Something just isn’t right about the way this World Series is going. I’m a die-hard baseball fan but have not watched an entire game. Shame on me, I know, but there are other priorities in my life, such as keeping my pregnant wife happy. She’s already sat through 11 postseason games this month, all of the ones in which the Red Sox played, so I could not put her through an entire World Series, especially one in which the two teams are those that we do not have a vested interest.

But Monday night I decided to tune in and watch what could have been the deciding game. As it turned out all I saw was a public shower.

Listening to sports talk radio this morning on the way to work, this was the topic of choice. Everyone used MLB Commissioner Bud Selig as a punching bag, blaming him for 1) starting the game under such terrible conditions and 2) letting it get to a point where the game had to be suspended.

But what was Selig supposed to do? The forecast called for worse weather today — and word is the game will NOT resume tonight (link) — so why not try to squeeze this one in? Postponing it on Monday, and possibly again Tuesday, might have repercussions we have not seen in a World Series in almost 20 years, that being the re-scheduling of games.

The weather was horrendous last night, no doubt, but I think Selig did the right thing in letting the teams play. And while Game Five at times resembled a soggy holiday-type football game played in backyards across America, it had to be done. Now where things got interesting was in the fifth inning when the game became official and the Phillies had the lead.

Thankfully for all of the sporting world — Phillies fans included — the Rays tied the game in sixth, which then was followed by the rain delay and suspension of play. And while MLB will have us believe that they were going to stop the game anyway, make no mistake about it, the fact that Tampa Bay tied it in the sixth had EVERYTHING to do with the decision stop the match. Had they decided to so so when the Phillies had the leads, the game would have been declared over and Philadelphia would have been crowned champions.

Now I know it’s been more than 25 years since Philly has won a baseball title, but would that have been the way you wanted to see your team celebrate, after six innings of ball? I highly doubt.

On a somewhat related note, I wonder how eBayers are feeling today. I bet there were thousands of people in the card world who had Phillies auctions ending last night hoping to cash in on the championship hype.

One Response to “World Series: Praying For Resolution”

  1. Selig did the right thing. He was at the mercy of the weather forecast, as any of us would be if we were in that position. Did they let the game go on a little bit too long? Yes. But as far as starting the game, there was nothing in the forecast that told them that it would get that bad that quickly.

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