Card of the Day: 1985 Fleer Sticker Philadelphia Phillies

Neglected. Used. Unappreciated.

If I was a old school Fleer baseball sticker, that’s how I would feel. I would have been inserted into packs, just like the sticks of gum that Topps used to put in their products, but no one would ever talk about me with the same sentiment that adults express for the relationship between baseball cards and sticks of gum.

Now as a card collector I’ll admit that I never loved my stickers. Most of the time I’d rip them right out of the pack and stash them in a box some where. (note: I actually found a box of 200-plus yesterday in my garage) But it was not until recently that I realized how cool these things are. Sure, they do not picture our favorite players of yesteryear, and in most cases have no stats about any player(s) or the team(s) pictured on front. But these stickers, like this 1985 Fleer Philadelphia Phillies one, still chronicle baseball history.

Look at this thing. Isn’t it great. I happened upon this one and about 20 other 1985 stickers at a thrift shop about a month ago. The cost: $1 for the entire stack. Was it a waste of money? Depends on how you look at things. I mean this sticker is not going to increase in value anytime soon, hell, I don’t even think Beckett has them listed anywhere. But value is not what these old stickers are about. These stickers show us what the team uniforms and logos looked like at the time. And given the love for “retro” jerseys (Mitchell & Ness, etc.) in recent years, these stickers afford card collectors a cheap alternative to get in on the craze and remember the teams of decades gone by. Plus, it’s always neat when these stickers feature uniform numbers associated with certain players. Who wore No. 14 for the Phillies in the early 1980s? None other than Pete Rose.

Here are a few others I found:

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