Card of the Day: 1999 Metal Universe Roger Clemens MLPD

Who the hell writes the back of these cards? Read this thing. It looks like Stuart Scott of ESPN wrote this. All that is missing are the words “kid” or “playa” at the end of each sentence.

This is a 1999 Metal Universe subset card that really has no purpose. I’m not quite sure what the “MLPD” stands for, perhaps Major League Police Department? Not sure what that really has to do with anything, especially since it looks like some teenager wrote this thing. Then again maybe it’s spoken word or some sort of baseball poetry I am not aware of. Ugh.

One issue I have with baseball cards of the late ’90s was the abundance of subsets, most of which offered collectors nothing but another card of their favorite player. We get stupid themes, no statistics or meaningful information, and lame photos. Look at this Clemens. He’s staring at the camera while playing with a role of tape. Impressive. Oh, and one last note on this particular series of cards, did you notice I used the back of the card as the main image? That’s because these cards are so damn dark that they do not scan well. That’s just wack, kid!

5 Responses to “Card of the Day: 1999 Metal Universe Roger Clemens MLPD”

  1. Wow, that is terrible!

  2. Yeah, that’s Skybox. They always had those painful, wince-inducing write-ups. I just got a Devon White card in which they RHYME on the back. Awful.

  3. That is a horrible card. You have to admit that parallels now-a-days are just as bad as the glut of inserts/subsets from the 90’s. Explain to me why I need to have a gold, silver, platinum, tin, aluminum and refractor of the same exact base card just with a pretty border? If you’re a player collector (Don Mattingly for me), it really kills you. I’m getting demolished on eBay for all these Donruss Threads parallels and insert parellels and numbered cards with swatches. I really want the cards to add to my collection but there are just so many!

  4. Peter, my recommendation: boycott most of the parallels. You’re a player collector, but that doesn’t mean you need every version of every card. Find the one or two parallels of said card that you actually like and go for it. I agree that parallels are lame, especially when there are 67 different ones. Your willingness, as well as that of most player collectors, to chase those parallels is what is keeping that garbage in this hobby.

  5. As usual, Donruss is the biggest offender…

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