Blister Break 10/31: Upper Deck Ser. 2 & Artifacts

Picked up three blister packs from a local Wal-Mart Thursday: One Upper Deck Ser. 2 and a pair of UD Artifacts. These were sealed in blisters, but the above image shows just the wrappers.

Pack One: Artifacts — Joe Blanton, Pope John Paul II (Moments), Jim Leyritz YSL, Josh Newman (RC), Jeff Ridgeway (RC) (Silver)

Pack Two: Artifacts — Ryan Braun (Mil), Brandon Jones (RC), Charlie Keller YSL, Sputnik Launched (Moments), Clay Buchholz (RC) (Silver)

Pack Three: UD Ser. 2 –Matt Holliday, Kenny Rodgers, Kerry Wood, Jeremy Gurthie, Grady Sizemore, Jarrod Washburn, Joe Smith, CJ Wilson, Justin Morneau, Tadahito Iguchi, Livan Hernandez, Aaron Boone, Rocco Baldelli, Ryan Church, CC Sbathia (Season Highlights), Josh Beckett (Red Sox Checklist), Rico Washington 9RC), Ivan Rodriguez (season highlights), Hillary Clinton v John McCain Presidential Predictor (#13a), and Starquest Alex Rodriguez ULTRA RARE.

All in all not a bad break. I enjoy pulling the YSL cards, so to get two of them in two packs of Artifacts was nice. And the more I think about base UD, the more I like it. I love the photography, and the two inserts I pulled were good. Stay tuned for a Card of the Day post on the Alex Rodriguez Starquest card.

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