Blaster Alert: 08 Topps U&H SUCKS!

Here’s a quick collecting tip: Avoid all 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights at Target stores. I ran into a couple blasters today and figured I’d pick one up so I can begin my set. It appears that there are NO AUTOGRAPHS available in these blasters.

I repeat, there is no shot at any autographs.

Basically what you get for $19.99 is a guaranteed garbage relic and 10 packs that will produce nothing but base and common inserts. While I’ll still build this set, I do think it’s worth pointing out to collectors that there is no shot at any big hits. The best you can do is a David Wright relic, or a platinum 1/1 parallel of a base card.

Here’s the checklist of relics, as shown on the box. It is also worth nothing that the relics are not inserted in the packs. They are simply issued in a single-card wrapper.

I’ll post the box break later.

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