Blaster Break: 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights

griffeysoxAs noted earlier, I decided against better judgment and purchased a Target Blaster of 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights to start my set. Here are the results pack by pack. And you know this kind of stuff is riveting, especially when you have ZERO shot at pulling anything worth a damn. So, there is a CONTEST at the end of this entry. Read on …

Breakdown: 8 card per pack, 10 packs per box + 1 retail exclusive relic card.

Relic: Eric Chavez

Pack 1: Chad Durbin, Luke Scott, Sizemore HRD, Utley AS, Votto HL, Jason Bay (1st Sox Card), Pete Orr, Jorge De La Rosa

Pack 2: Alberto Callaspo, Cody Ross, Chris Iannetta, Zambrano AS, Brian Moehler, Sean Gallagher, Carl Pavano, Chase Utley WBC Preview

Pack 3: Heath Bell, Erik Bedard, Guillermo Quiroz, Longoria HRD, Brian Wilson AS, Smoltz HL, Ruben Gotay, Ken Griffey jr. (1st White Sox card)

Pack 4:Denny Bautista, Kevin Mench, Angel Berroa, Morneai/Ortiz Combo, Pujols AS, Kinsler AS, Sherrill AS, Michael Young AS,

Pack 5: Dana Eveland, Greg Smith, Brent Lillibridge, Braun AS, Varitek AS, Papelbon AS, Harang Year in Review, Dave Justice Ring of Honor

Pack 6: Sidney Ponson, Matt Albers, Michael Young/Jeter combo, Hamilton HRD, Morneau/Ortiz Combo, Hanley AS, Oscar Salazar, Sizemore AS

Pack 7: Jose Castillo, Angel Pagan, Branyan, Pujols AS, Lillibridge, A-ROD/Longoria Combo,Hanley/Ortiz Combo, Utley HRD

Pack 8: Hinske, Soto AS, Morneau HRD, Andy Phillips, Blanton, Casey Blake, Dwight Eisenhower and wife First Couples, Brian Horowitz GOLD#/2008

Pack 9: Jason LaRue, Brandon Moss, Ray Durham,Webb AS, Haren AS, Juan Rincon, Matt Murton, Mark Redman,

Pack 10: Doug Mientkiewicz, Odalis Perez, Volquez AS, Uggla HRD, Carlos Guillen/Hamilton Combo, Longoria AS, Ortiz Year in Review, Howard Johnson 1985 Ring of Honor.

Review: Despite my annoyance with the fact that there is no shot at pulling anything worthwhile from the Target blasters, I think this particular blaster was so-so. The jersey was boring, but not horrendous. Could have done much worse. As far as the packs go, I ended up with seven inserts in 10 packs, which I guess is nothing special considering the rate at which Topps inserts fall, and a couple of dupes, which is horrible since I’m building this set and only got 80 cards total in the box. I’m not a huge fan of the First Couples insert set, and despise the Year in Review insert because it’s ugly and kind of lame. But I love the Ring of Honor sets. Topps started using this in its football sets in 2000 (maybe 2002?) and it worked fine. The two I pulled kind of brightened up this box a bit, although neither is worth very much. As for the base set, the all-star and home run derby cards are fine, but what is the point with this “Combos” subset? All Topps did was take pictures of two players standing next to each other at the all-star game, slap the image on a card and then put both players’ stats on the back. And why are they “classic” combos? What does Carlos Guillen have to do with Josh Hamilton?

jeteryoungThat said, this Combos card of Michael Young and Derek Jeter is one of my favorite cards from this box, mainly because of its perverse nature. It’s so good that it has inspired a mini contest. Whomever comes up with the best caption for the Young/Jeter image will win a prize. Leave all submissions below. Contest ends on Thursday at 5 p.m. Pacific, 8 p.m. eastern.

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