Thrift Treasures Part I: Two bucks, 40 cards

tt7Every once in a while I pop into thrift stores and run across sports cards. On Tuesday during my lunch break, I ran into a huge box of cards, which the store was selling 20 for $1. The box looked like it had been gone through at least once, but I decided to plow through it anyway. Here are the 40 cards I purchased.


Nine random Red Sox cards that I need for my collection. Nothing special here. Three Robinson Checo cards, a Jin Ho Cho rookie, second-year Scott Hatteberg, 2004 stars Todd Walker and Mark Bellhorn, and a “rookie” triple of three Sox who never made the team. The best card is the Dustin Hermanson. Why? Look at that goatee. Solid.


Here we’ve for four Mike Greenwell parallels and single that I know I do not have. Again, nothing special, but a few cards that I likely would not see any time soon.


Nine more random cards, including two Moises Alou rookies, a Alou 1993 Donruss Diamond King, Triple Play Gallery of Stars Bobby Bonilla, and a couple of parallels. The Luis Gonzalez is “Platinum.” I had it confused with the super rare precious metals inserts from Donruss preferred. The Alou Donruss preferred (top row, middle) is the best of this nine-card lot. It’s a mezzanine parallel that books at $8. The Zeile is Museum Collection, a set a referenced this week, and the Walt Weiss is 1995 Topps Cyberstat, a card I will discuss at some point in a Card of the Day post.


Two second-year Chris R.Young cards and an Orlando Cabrera rookie highlight this lot. The Ankiel is a parallel of an insert. ~My Favorite~


Woo hoo. Four Ben Grieve cards. I’ll be sending a few of these to him to sign. Side note, why is Grieve holding a NATIONAL LEAGUE baseball? Note, those are 1995 Topps cards, not 1994 Topps Traded.


Three more inserts: Womack is a “Rant” card, Abbot is Fractal Foundations #’d/3999, and Brady Anderson is #’d/863.


Reid Brignac 2004 Bowman Heritage rookie card. Now that Jason Bartlett is solidifying himself as a defensive star, where does this leave Brignac?


And perhaps the best of the bunch, two 2000 Topps MVP Promotion sweepstakes cards. These cards are limited to just 100 copies and were inserted about one per case. The premise was that if the pictured player wins the MVP of the week award — which neither player did — you won some special set. I’m sure there is some hardcore Topps collector who still needs Kevin Young and Todd Zeile for his set. If that is you, hit me up …

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  2. […] shipped to Tampa Bay, and eventually the Brewers and Cubs. I sent this request more than a year ago after finding these 1995 Topps Grieve cards at a local thrift store. It appears that Grieve signed the card on the right and accidentally rubbed the ink with his […]

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