Card of the Day: 2002 Upper Deck Vintage Blue Jays Team Checklist Carlos Delgado

There is one reason why this card was selected today. It’s the photo. Look at this picture. When was the last time you saw an actual action photo like this used on the front of your baseball card? And I’m not talking about a pitcher in motion or a batter swinging.

There’s nothing really special about this card, or for that matter this 2002 set, but this card does bring about a good question: How important are the photographs on your baseball cards?

As a collector, I get sick of seeing the same images used on releases year after year. It’s gotten to a point where it’s predictable. We know that in each release we will get the typical picture of Albert Pujols making contact with the ball (shot from the side of course), an image of Johan Santana in full motion (probably on a horizontal card), and a snapshot of Tim Lincecum’s quirky motion (right before he releases the ball).

The problem is even worse with rookies/prospects. Take for instance the Reid Brignac 2004 Bowman Heritage card I posted yesterday in the “Thrift Treasures” post. That image was shot in 2004, and was used again in 2007 Bowman. Lame.

When I buy cards, I like to be entertained. I want card backs that have complete statistics, maybe a little informational paragraph to teach me something I didn’t know, and an action photo that makes me look at it for more than two seconds.  All I ask is for a little creativity. And I’m not talking about Photoshop gimmicks.

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