Thrift Treasures Part II: One dollar, 20 cards

lot1Now, I am strictly a baseball card collector. No basketball, no football, and definitely no hockey. But I know a good deal when I see one. So when I can get former track star and Olympian Carl Lewis actin’ a fool on sports card, along with some other goodies, you know I’m going to take the deal.

These cards came from the same store I got the last lot of cards from, but they are from a different box, and I assume a different collection. The same price was applied to these cards, 20 for $1.

lot2Here we’ve got a small lot of eight 1989 Foot Locker Slam Fest commemorative cards. I’ve never seen these before, so I figured I’d snap them up just in case there was some demand for them. As it turns out there does not appear to be any. That said, the Carl Lewis is priceless in and of itself. Lewis is just a goofy mess on this card. We all know Carl Lewis is good at one thing, and one thing only. And it sure as hell isn’t dunking a basketball or singing the National Anthem.  (longer version) Good times.

lot3I’m not passing up Peyton Manning cards at a nickel apiece, especially when I know my friend — a nutty Colts junkie, die-hard Peyton Manning fan and recent father to newborn twins — will enjoy them. Hell, he’ll probably enjoy the 1986 Topps Super Bowl XX card too since it commemorates the Bears thrashing of the Patriots, but I think I’ll hold onto it until I can find a Bears fan who will enjoy it. The Elway is a third-year card that needs a new home, even though it’s in piss-poor condition (creases). And I always find it amusing when I stumble across Steve Spurrier cards (this one is 1976 Topps), even when they are in this condition. Hard for me to imagine that guy even donning a helmet instead of that visor.

lot4Two Edgerrin James rookies (1999 UD MVP) and a 2000 Fleer Mystique Jamal Lewis rookie #’d/2000. There was a time when the Jamal Lewis would have commanded good money (maybe $10 cash), but it’s not worth much in this condition. Although I’m sure some one would love to have it for a few Red Sox commons.

lot5And of course you knew there had to be something worth owning in this lot. Here we’ve got a 2000 Impact Tom Brady rookie. The top right corner is dinged, but for a nickel I sure as hell don’t mind adding this to my collection … for the time being. But don’t be afraid to make an offer. I just might take it. Remember, I am a baseball fan.

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