Card of the Day: 2000 Bowman Chrome Oversize Rafael Furcal

00chromefurcalWhy? Why, Why, Why? Why am I hearing rumors/reports this week that the Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants are both interested in signing Rafael Furcal? This makes about as much sense as these oversize 2000 Bowman Chrome cards.

If the Giants are seriously looking at signing Furcal, they’re making a grave mistake. They’ve already got way too much money tied up in Zito, and they are not going to contend again next year, so why not let a youngster like Emanuel Burris play short instead of shelling out the dough to a oft-injured star shortstop like Furcal who is probably in the twilight of his career at age 31? Gah!

As for Oakland, it only makes since if the A’s are seriously trying to compete next year. And while the addition of Matt Holliday might convince some people they are actually doing such, the Holliday situation looks more like a stock market type of play. He’ll find his way to a serious contender some time mid season for a few prospects again.

Getting back to the cardboard, oversize cards are lame and do not pique collectors’ interest. Period. Why? Because they are too big. Their size is their detriment. Collectors are forced to find special storage cases for them, and more times than not they are damaged before they can be properly cared for, just like this Furcal. (Note, the scan makes it look worse than it really is.) Topps tried one year to sell us on Topps Super Chrome (remember that disaster?), and in 2000 they made eight different oversize Bowman Chrome toppers to be inserted into boxes. Believe it or not, I salvaged this one (and ones of AJ Burnett and Pat Burrel) from the garbage bin at my local shop. Ever since then all three of the cards have bounced around from box to box because I can’t find a place to comfortably store them. I think I have to find a team or player collector who will appreciate them.

One Response to “Card of the Day: 2000 Bowman Chrome Oversize Rafael Furcal”

  1. How oversize is oversize? I’ve seen toploaders and sleeves for 3×5 cards (although from the size and copy on the box, these appear to be for vintage postcard collections)

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