Blaster Break: 2008 Topps Stadium Club

stadclubblasterCuriosity. That’s why I purchased this blaster. I thought I read somewhere that the hobby boxes of this product were approaching $200 — which if true is asinine — so I figured one blaster of the retail version would be just fine for me.

Pack 1: Roy Halladay, BJ Upton, Derrek Lee, Nick Markakis, Mitch Boggs RC FIRST DAY

Pack 2: Chipper Jones, Gary Sheffield, Edinson Volquez, Eric Hurley RC, Jeff Nieman RC FIRST DAY

Pack 3: Hanley Ramirez, Carl Crawford, Joey Votto RC, Gregor Blanco RC (#/999), Troy Tulowitzki FIRSY DAY

Pack 4: Greg Maddux, Jose Reyes, Brandon Boggs RC, Johan Santana, Ted Williams FIRST DAY


Pack 5: Prince Fielder, Hideki Matsui, Garrett Atkins, Vernon Wells, John Lackey FIRST DAY

Pack 6: Jed lowrie RC, Manny Ramirez (DODGER UNI– featured in Card of the Day post), Ryan Braun, Sean Rodriguez, Ty Cobb FIRST DAY


Pack 7: Edinson Volquez, Garrett Mock RC, Matt Holliday, Chase Utley, Ichiro FIRSY DAY


Pack 8: Chin-Lung Hu RC, Josh Banks RC, Alex Rodriguez, Kosuke Fukudome RC FIRST DAY, Justin Verlander FIRST DAY


Thoughts: I feel like all I do lately is bitch about what a product is missing. Maybe that is my nature. Maybe it’s because products suck. Oh well. Whatever it is I speak what I feel.

With Stadium Club I was excited when I started opening the blaster but immediately was taken back by the tight nature of the wrappers. There are only five cards per retail pack and the wrappers are really snug. So in order to open these, one needs to be extra careful … or use a pair of scissors. As for the cards themselves, Stadium Club traditionally has been about a borderless design that showcases the terrific photography. And to an extent we see some of those elements here. But I did notice that the cards lack something … gloss. There is a little gloss, but the cards seem to be thinner than normal, and the lack of super gloss kind of detracts from the card, almost like a dimension is missing. This results in a flat-feeling (and condition sensative) card that does not do the photos justice. The cards in an of themselves are fine, although I very much dislike what they did to the First Day parallels. I remember in 1993 and 1994 when First Day parallels were inserted roughly one per box. Here they were AT LEAST one per pack. Look at that last pack, I pulled two. And this notion of having one rookie card in every pack is an interesting tactic. Topps clearly is pandering to the prospecting nature of some collectors. In my opinion, it almost makes “rookies” appear worthless because there are so many. Including parallels, I pulled 12 “rookies” in eight packs.

Also, I am not a fan of products that offer two variations of rookie cards in their products. Here Topps has made two versions of each rookie, using different photos on each one. One of the versions is considered an SP and serial numbered to 999. I pulled one of the SPs, a wonderful Gregor Blanco (Braves). If you’re curious, Blanco has a 2003 Bowman’s Best auto rookie. The best part about these cards is the fact that the serial number is placed in the center of the card so pack searchers can molest packs all they want and they will not be able to feel where those SPs are … unless of course Topps distributors insert those SPs on the back of the pack for the non-blaster retail version.

As for the Manny Dodger card, check back in a few minutes. It’s being hilighted ina Card of the Day post.

2 Responses to “Blaster Break: 2008 Topps Stadium Club”

  1. I agree with the Hobby vs Retail prices. The hobby boxes are $200-225 and something like $20-$25 a pack. While a blaster box is…well, $20. Of course the main difference is the autographs in the Hobby vs just base and maybe small insert sets in the blasters. I bought a pack, the stuff is okay. I just can’t believe there’s such a price difference between Hobby and Retail. I’ve never seen such a huge difference in the price spectrum.

    Just think, you could’ve had an autograph of a nobody and 4 other cards for the price of a blaster.

  2. Anybody know how to get the SPs (151-200)? Haven’t got any so far in two blaster boxes. Are they only available in hobby boxes?

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