Blaster Break: 2008 Topps Stadium Club baseball (Box 2)

bruceDon’t ask why. I just did, OK. And now I’m not happy about it.

Earlier this week, I successfully fought the urge to buy another blaster of Stadium Club. But on Wednesday I gave in. Here are the results … a whole two days later.

Pack 1: Chin-Lung Hu (RC), Josh Banks (RC), Alex Rodriguez, Garrett Mock (RC), FIRST DAY: Greg Smith (RC)

Pack 2: Tom Glavine, Greg Smith (RC), Rich Harden, Hunter Pence, FIRST DAY: Hernan Iribarren (RC), CL

Pack 3: Chase Utley, Matt Holliday, David Wright, Josh Hamilton, FIRST DAY: Nick Blackburn (RC)

Pack 4: Manny Ramirez, Garrett Atkins, Jed Lowrie (RC), Carlos Lee SP (#/999), FIRST DAY: Clay Buchholz (RC)

Pack 5: Hideki Matsui, Prince Fielder, Sean Rodriguez (RC), Ryan Braun, FIRST DAY: Jay Bruce (RC)

Pack 6: Johnny Cueto (RC), Jose Reyes, Greg Maddux, Vernon Wells, FIRST DAY: Luke Hochevar (RC)

Pack 7: Gregor Blanco (RC), Luke Hochevar (RC), Delmon Young, Todd Helton, FIRST DAY: JR Towles (RC)

Pack 8: Johan Santana, Brandon Boggs (RC), Gary Sheffield, David Ortiz, FIRST DAY: Jayson Nix (RC)

Thoughts: Did I buy Stadium Club or Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects? My god, I pulled 18 rookie logo cards in just eight packs. Of course this includes the one-per-pack First Day issue cards. I notice that a few of the rookies have different photo variations (see below), so I assume that some of these are SPs, or parallels of SPs anyway. That said, I’m disappointed that the parallels of the SPs (which I believe are serial numbered) are not also serial numbered. What’s going to happen is that there will be some ridiculous multiplier (like .40x) applied to parallels of SP base cards, pretty much making them worthless. For the record, this is now 30 “rookie cards” I’ve pulled from just 16 packs.


As a whole, this box was so far below that of the first one I bought that I am curious where a third one would lie. Will I be able to match the power of the first, or would another one look similar to this one?  While I enjoy rookie cards (even the logo ones), I enjoyed the retired player cards that I pulled from the first blaster a whole lot better. You decide: Gregor Blanco SP (#/999) or a Roberto Clemente, Ty Cobb or Ted Williams? I’ll take any of those HOFers …

On a positive note, I did pull another one of those funky Manny Ramirez “Dodger” cards. That card will forever have a special place in my collection since it led to a ton of publicity for this blog. (Thanks again to Chris at Beckett for the pub). And I pulled this sweet-looking Jay Bruce card featured at the top.

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