Pack Break: 2008 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects w/ Chrome

bdpppacksStopped by one of my local shops (Stevens Creek Sports Cards) today to pick up the new Beckett and some boxes for my sets. I also wound up buying three packs of 2008 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects as well. Keep reading to see the break.

Legend: (RC) = Bowman Draft / Black border

(RC Chrome) = Bowman Draft Chrome / Black Border

(Pros) = Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects / white border

(Pros Chrome) = Bowman Chrome Draft Picks & Prospects / white border

Pack 1: Evan Longoria (RC), Chris Volstad (RC), Markus Brister (pros), Tyreace House (pros), Nick Hundley (RC Chrome), Jeff Lanning (Pros Chrome), Cliff Pennington (pros – GOLD parallel), Checklist


Pack 2: Rich Thompson (RC), Chris Carter (RC), Anthony Capra (pros), Brett Hunter (pros.), Mike Aviles ( RC Chrome), Kevin Dubler (pros chrome), Jai Miller (RC – Gold parallel)


Pack 3: Chris Davis (RC), Joe Mather (RC), Robbie Grossman (pros), Justin Bristow (pros), Jeremy Beckham (pros chrome), Carlos Gonzalez (RC Chrome REFRACTOR), Jesse Todd (pros GOLD parallel)


Comments: For some reason, when I opened my packs, I did not get the urge to buy more. Is this a good or bad thing? As I noted earlier this week, there is almost no instant gratification when opening Bowman Draft. I do not yet know who these draft picks are, although I suspect I did not get anything worth writing home — or posting here — about. The three best cards in my eyes were the ones posted: The Longoria, Aviles and Gonzalez refractor. It’s hard to base a product on three measly packs, but I am just not feeling the urge to run out and buy some more. This is odd considering my reaction to the 2006 and 2007 editions.

As for what I pulled, I’m pretty happy. I got another Longoria to add to the collection, got a nice looking Aviles card and this Gonzalez refractor. Also, I got my first Chris Carter (Red Sox prospect) card. I know his real rookie is in 2004 draft products, but this is a pleasant surprise. And after flipping the card over, I learned something new: Chris was born in Fremont, Calif., the city where I work. Pretty neat fact.

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