Thrift Treasures Part IV: A “Thriller” of a box

109_0801(UPDATE: I almost sold this thing …)

I’ll say this right now, I am not a fan of non-sport cards. I understand why they exist, but I do not indulge in them. No nudie cards. No movie cards. No comic cards. No game cards. Just sports for me.

That being said, how in the world could I pass on this? Here we’ve got a nearly complete unopened box of 1984 Topps Michael Jackson cards. This may be the best purchase of Black Friday.

The box cost me a whopping $4.98. For those of you doing the math, that’s less than the price of two retail packs of Stadium Club baseball, which in all likelihood have already been searched.

The box is supposed to contain 36 sealed packs each featuring three cards, three stickers and a very specially wrapped piece of gum, which could be my favorite part. Look at the wrapper:


It looks like the previous owner opened one pack, removed the stick of gum and one sticker, and then left everything else in tact. There are three loose cards and two stickers in addition to the 35 unopened packs, which in a sense sucks because it’s not “complete.” However, this is advantageous because this gives me an opportunity to show you what these things look like:


The box itself actually reminds me of my childhood. No, not because of Michael Jackson, but because of the way it is packaged. Back in the early 1980s while growing up in San Francisco, my mother actually is the one who got me addicted to cards, only not the baseball kind. The Garbage Pail Kids kind. I was too young to understand how crude they were, but my mother thought I’d enjoy them, so she bought a few packs and boxes here and there and we tried to build a set. Of course I ruined this collection several years later when I became interested in sports cards and then stole the GPK cards from my mother and bartered them for ones featuring baseball players. She reminds me every now again in a good natured way, but I still feel awful.

Anyhow, the feel of this box instantly reminded me of those times, as well as my early collecting years, because this box is a time capsule that shows us collectors that everything was not about autos and game-used. Instead it’s about a simple, little, in-expensive set of cards and stickers depicting players — or in this case ONE musician — that EVERYONE can enjoy. Even a non-Michael Jackson fan can appreciate the greatness of the images depicted here.

For a few days I’ll enjoy this Thrift Treasure, but at some point I’ll end up posting it on ebay and flipping it for something else I like, not unlike I did with the old GPK collection. Sorry, Mom.

6 Responses to “Thrift Treasures Part IV: A “Thriller” of a box”

  1. Wow, awesome bust and great find!

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  5. carolyn mcginnis Says:

    I would like to know if you can tell me what these qwould be worth today. My husband found a partial pack without the box. But They would be worth something now or later on I would think.anyway.

  6. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Michael So endlessly and for the rest of my life…!!! I´m so sad, that he is dead….(cryy….) (sorry, my english is not so good, because I´m from Germany and 13 years old…) I miss him soooooo much. Why you soldet this box???? I wanna have it…. !!!

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