New Additions Part I: 1 “rookie”, 1 autograph and a bunch of Red Sox

soxmasterNot to be confused with New Edition, “New Additions” is my new segment in which I will showcase new pickups acquired through trade, from purchases eBay or otherwise. It’s also my way of giving thanks (via shout outs and name drops) to the good folks who take the time to trade cards with me. So, without further ado, let’s get on with it …


New addition: 1967 Topps Stan Bahnsen / Bobby Murcer Rookie Stars, Card No. 93

Acquired: eBay ($1.04 + $2 shipping)

Comments: Shame on me. This is what I get for bidding on cards when I should be sleeping. As you probably know, this is a second-year Bobby Murcer card I mistook for being his rookie. So, instead of adding another rookie to my some-what dormant RAM Project, I’ve got just another vintage card to my general collection. Gah!


New Addition: 2004 Topps Cracker Jack Surprise Autograph Javier Vazquez, Card No. 112

Acquired: eBay ($3.70, free shipping)

Comments: I like Javier Vazquez a lot, so to add this nice-looking signature to my collection for about the price of a regular pack of cards is a big plus.  One thing I noticed is that the back of this card is upside down. Does anyone know if this is common with 2004 Crack Jack autos?


New Addition: Approx. 50 new Red Sox cards

Acquired: Trade with Its Just Old Cardboard

Comments: The 2007 UD Masterpieces Red Sox championship card is now one of my favorites. The 2004 World Series championship is almost five years old, but that moment is forever ingrained in my mind. Now, the moment is captured on this card, a focal point in my Red Sox collection.

Pat, who runs IJOC, and I had already completed one trade in recent weeks, but last week he messaged me and said he had a few more cards. As it turned out, I had a good size 2002 Topps starter set (approx. 500 of 700 cards) that he and his son could use. So in return all I asked for was a few Sox cards. Pat sent me 50 Sox cards, the majority of which I did not have. Here are a few more from the stack. Thanks again, Pat.


One Response to “New Additions Part I: 1 “rookie”, 1 autograph and a bunch of Red Sox”

  1. The upside-down backs weren’t just limited to the autos, they were in the base set as well. It was done to mimic the original Cracker Jack issue. Some of the original CJ cards had upside down backs as you could put them into an album.

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