Pack Break: 3-Pack Wal-Mart Special; 2008 UD Goudey

109_0808Had to stop by Wal-Mart today to buy some shipping boxes, so I made the usual trip to the card area. There was nothing new, but I decided to flip through the “new” 3-Pack Wal-Mart specials. This one caught my eye because it included a pack of 2006 Bowman Draft in addition to the always-fun 2008 Topps Chrome. For $5.97, I was intrigued.

Mystery “repack” boxes/packets are always hit and miss. Sometimes they are hot, other times they stink of hot garbage. More times that not it is the latter. Anyhow, here are the contents, single packs of 2002 Donruss Originals, 2006 Bowman Draft and 2008 Topps Chrome. I couldn’t have cared less about the Donruss Originals pack.


Pack 1(2002 Donruss Originals): Chris Snelling (84 Donruss RR), Garrett Anderson (82 Donruss), Ted Williams thick False Card, Alfonso Soriano (84 Donruss), Chipper Jones (88 Donruss), Tsuyoshi Shinjo (86 Donruss)


Pack 2 (2008 Topps Chrome): Mark Buehrle, Joe Mauer Trading Card History Chrome (1941 Play Ball), Chipper Jones Blue Refractor, Wesley Wright (RC), CL1


Pack 3 (2006 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects): Josh Johnson (RC), Jon Lester (RC), Gio Gonzalez (pros), Jon Lester (RC-GOLD), Zack McAllister (chrome pros), Jered Weaver (chrome RC), George Kottaras (pros)


Comments: Anytime I can find 2006 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospect packs in a re-pack situation, I am buying them. And it should be noted that this pack was tight as if it HAD NOT BEEN TAMPERED WITH. This being important because I know there are pack searchers out there who can thumb their way to an autograph, and there is some uncertainty about what goes into the repack boxes/packets. This repack looked legit.

As for the pulls, the Donruss Originals reminded be why I hated Donruss up until 1992. The Chipper Jones card was the best pull, but it has the ugliest design. And the Ted Williams “card” shouldn’t count, but I’ll add it to my Sox collection. The 2008 Topps Chrome pack was pretty decent. Got a Joe Mauer insert and an awesome looking Chipper blue refractor. I’ve opened only two 2008 Topps Chrome packs, and both have contained blue refractors. ~I am special. Very special~

The 2006 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects pack left much to be desired, but I did pull two Jon Lester cards, one rookie, one rookie parallel. Not a horrible break, but I swear I have like a dozen Zach McAllister chromes. As noted last week, I broke a bunch of 06 BDP and McAllister was everywhere.

ALSO, earlier in the day I stopped at Target to buy some items for lunch and for the household (note: always buy shipping boxes at WalMart, they are much cheaper). I fought the urge to buy a blaster, so instead I picked up a loose pack, which likely had already been searched. I chose the lesser of all the evils …


Pack 4 (2008 UD Goudey): Vince Coleman, Gary Sheffield, Yovani Gallardo, CC Sabathia, Bob Feller, Dan Haren, Josh Hamilton, Jim Leyritz Yankee Stadium Legacy


Comments: When I said the “lesser of all evils,” I meant the best bang for my buck, taking into consideration that these packs have already been felt up more than a 20-something chick in a Vegas club. With Goudey I figured I could luck my way into a autograph (since they do not carry any simple searchable characteristics), or at the very least pull an SP or a Yankee Stadium Legacy, which searchers couldn’t give two shits about. This particular pack was so-so. I pulled a YSL as I hoped, but it is of Jim Leyritz — ugh. The singles were OK, although there was nothing really to write home about. In and of itself, the pack was OK. I do know, however, there are a bunch of people working on Goudey, so these are not cards that will sit in my collection for years without a purpose.

Oh, and I promise that within the next 24 hours I will have at least one ‘Card of the Day” post. I’ve not posted one since Thanksgiving Day. My bad.

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