Card of the Day: 1952 Topps Willie Mays

52mays1The time has come. For the last three years, I’ve had this “well loved” 1952 Topps Willie Mays card in my collection. It’s an iconic card representing the very first Topps card of the Giants legend, and one of the best cards in the historic set. But for the last year or so, it’s been removed from my main display case and sentenced to eternity in a dark box sitting among the rest of the cards, the majority of which are not even worthy of sharing the same room as this Mays.

But as noted earlier, the time has come. The time has come to let this card go as I continue my endless pursuit of cardboard happiness. Some cards will always keep you intrigued, but there are those you start to take for granted, such is the case with this Mays.

I posted this on eBay yesterday with hopes that it will find a good home, and I will be able to get most of my money back. I won’t lie, the hurting economy does play into my decision a bit, but even more so is the notion that is that I’ve lost that feeling for this particular Mays.

There are a few other factors that play into this. First off, I’ve got two other 1952 Topps cards to sooth that itch for cards from the vintage set. I noted earlier this summer my Andy Pafko card, which in a sense is even more iconic than this Mays, and I’ve got an awesome condition Jackie Jensen Yankee card I have not discussed on Cardboard Icons.

Secondly, I’ve got a Willie Mays rookie (1951 Bowman) in my collection, so losing this second-year card does not hurt as much. And Thirdly, I’ve got perhaps the nicest Willie Mays autograph on the market, a reprint of the ’52 Topps card. This one was made in 2001, the 50th anniversary of Topps.


The Mays that I’m letting go of clearly is not mint, hence the Beckett “Authentic” label. It’s been creased several times and has surface wear, but is still an authentic Willie Mays, which for some collectors is good enough. It was good enough for me for three years, but now I’m looking to move on to something different. Perhaps I’ll take some of the proceeds and invest them in a few key rookies for my RAM Project, which needs a major update, and put the rest toward my credit card.

2 Responses to “Card of the Day: 1952 Topps Willie Mays”

  1. An eBay link wouldn’t hurt!

  2. I’ve added the link.

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