Pack Break: Hobby Goudey, Bowman Draft, and Topps Chrome

break1205I took the day off to deal with a  doctor’s appointment in the morning and a class for new parents this afternoon, so in between I figured I’d stop into the hobby shop to see what was cookin. Needless to say there isn’t much out there worth buying. A box of Bowman Draft would have made sense, but the fact that Buster Posey seemingly is the only base chrome auto worth having really doesn’t do it for me. Damnit, Razor. You ruined it. Anyhow, after much though (I pondered a box of 08 UD Goudey, but turned it down) I decided to take the tame route and go for five packs: 1 Goudey, 2 Bowman Draft and 2 Topps Chrome.

I’ve decided to open the Chrome first, then Draft, and then Goudey, since at $5.75 it was the most expensive.

Pack 1: Topps Chrome: Placido Polanco, Brian Bixler (RC), David Ortiz Trading Card Heritage, Carl Crawford, CL2


Pack 2: Billy Butler, Brad Hawpe, Vlad Guerrero Trading Card History, Jeremy Bonderman, CL 1


Pack 3: Bowman Draft: Greg Reynolds (RC-black border), Max Scherzer (RC-Black Border), Bobby Lanigan (Pros), Logan Schafer (pros), Nick Adenhart (RC-Chrome), Chris Getz (pros Chrome), Andrew Liebel (Gold pros), CL

Pack 4: Bowman Draft: Brandon Boggs (RC-Black border), Brett Gardner (RC-Black border), Eric Campbell (pros), Devaris Strange-Gordon (pros), Michael Hollimon (RC-chrome), Will Inman (pros Chrome), Kevin Dubler (pros Gold)

Pack 5: Goudey: Jered Weaver, Orlando Cabrera, Albert Pujols, Ken Griffey Jr. B/W  SP Mini Red Back, false card, Garrett Atkins, Kelly Johnson, Chase Utley, Derek Jeter Sport Royalty*


Comments: Well, as you can see nothing too exciting, although the Goudey continues to offer me the best value for my buck. The Topps Chrome packs were pretty ordinary, although they did break my streak of blue refractors (To this point I’d opened two packs and pulled two blues), the Bowman Draft was pretty pitiful., so bad in fact there was nothing worth scanning. And Goudey was pretty damn good. What’s interesting to note on the Jeter SR is that there is a little blue ink/sharpie mark right by his shoulder (click here to see blown up image). Jeter does have a signed Sport Royalty card, but it is an SP and I have not found one on eBay from ’08. I’m wondering what the heck this little marker spot is doing there. (And before you ask, the ink is on top of the card. It is not a printing defect) For what it’s worth, that is about the spot where Jeter would have started his signature …

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