Card of the Day: 2001 Bowman Chrome Jake Peavy

peaveychrome1By now, you know that the San Diego Padres are in deep talks with the Chicago Cubs about Jake Peavy, a fact that the Cubs may or may not confirm directly or indirectly. But I figured this be as good of time as any to discuss Peavy’s best rookie card, and to share the tale of this particular copy.

2001 Bowman Chrome will forever be remembered for the Albert Pujols autograph rookie. But also in that set are rookies of 2006 AL MVP Justin Morneau, New York fan favorite and perennial NL MVP candidate Jose Reyes and 2007 CY Young award winner Jake Peavy.

Some will tell you how the 2001 Topps Fusion Jake Peavy autograph is the card to have. And truthfully, if you’re into rookie-year signatures, they’d be right. But fact is it is not a rookie card it’s an insert. So for posterity sake, I’m dismissing it and focusing on rookies.

It amazes me how fluid the value of this card is. At one point it was just another rookie common in the $10-$15 range, then the card started to approach the $100 mark. And now, after several solid seasons, the Peavy has settled in the $60 book range. It may have something to do with the fact that Peavy pitches for San Diego, a team without much national exposure and little expectancy to win a title, but I’m thinking this card is underrated. And if Peavy does get dealt to the Cubs, a squad that does posses those two key factors (exposure and title aspirations) this could see another jump in value. If you don’t own one, it’d probably be a good idea to get one before the season. Not when Peavy gets traded, but sometime in February a few weeks before the baseball season, and several weeks after the casual collectors over pay for their copies.

As for this copy, the one in my personal collection, it’s got a pretty amusing story. In 2001 I was an editor at my college newspaper and I had a big desk. It was a metal desk from the 1960s, so it was nothing special, but it was big no doubt. Anyhow, from time to time I’d buy cards on my way to campus and then stash them in drawers while I was working. And on several occasions I’d simply forgotten about them. Well, in early 2002 I switched desks and positions, and in the process I stuffed all my crap into a box and then shoved it into the new desk drawers. Several months later I reached into one of the drawers in search of a quarter (for the vending machine) and out came two packs of 2001 Bowman Chrome. Inside one of them was this Jake Peavy, which remained in it’s original condition — mint, but off center.

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