New Additions Part II: Gagne, two ‘Icons, and a bunch of refractors

bicobb1So I’ve decided to post the New Additions segment infrequently, usually waiting for at least three packages to arrive. I suspect a slew of padded envelopes will arrive later this week, but for the time being we’ll start with these.

Note: To anyone who has e-mailed me about trades in the last five days or so, my apologies for the delay. It’s been a mentally draining few days. Look for a return correspondence soon.


New Addition: Lot of 9 2008 Bowman Chrome Refractors

Acquired: eBay ($1.29 + free shipping)

Comments: Now this is the way to buy baseball cards. There were two cards I wanted in this lot (Youkilis and Wright) and would have been thrilled to open a handful of packs and pull them myself. But you see chrome packs cost at least $3 each and refractors are seeded about two per box, or one in every 12 packs. I would have had to had crazy luck — and spent a good chunk of money — to get the two guys I wanted. So, for less than half the price of a single pack, I got those two guys and seven others, many of whom are all-stars. The value of these cards may not add up to a whole lot, but I love refractors. That said, if you’ve got any interest in the other seven, they’ll be posted in the trade section soon.


Addition: 2008 Allen & Ginter “Baseball Icons” Ty Cobb and George Sisler

Acquired: eBay ($1.04 + $3.50 shipping)

Comments: I really hate to pay $3.50 shipping for two mini cards that could have been sent for less than a buck, but I needed them for my set, and they were coming from Canada so I bought them anyway.

Are these Allen & Ginter Baseball Icons not some of the nicest cards of the year? There are lots of new, shiny cards out there. And there are also lots of new cards with old designs. But is there a more appropriate card set than A&G to feature these legends. The Cobb is an awesome card. The pose reminds me of my 1951 Bowman Phil Rizzuto.


Addition: 2000 SPX Eric Gagne autograph /1500

Acquired: eBay ($4.50 + $2 shipping)

Comments: If you would have asked me five years ago how much I would have paid for a 2000 SPX Gagne auto (his best card, once booked for $100, currently holds a $60 mark), I would have said much, much more than $4.50. This was a bargain, period point blank. This card may never again reach the heights that it did in 2003 when Gagne set the record for most consecutive converted saves (84), but fact is that Gagne has etched his place in baseball history as being one of the most dominant closers of his time. It was a short-lived reign of less than rive years — injuries and reported HGH use have hindered this — but it was a mastery of his position none the less. Plus Gagne was a Red Sox for a short while, so this is a good addition.

And lastly, I love this card for two addition reasons: 1) it shows Gagne before he grew his facial hair and got classes, and 2) it reminds me of why I like on-card autos so much more than sticker ‘graphs. Stickers restrict the area in which the signature can be signed. I’ll discuss this and more later this week when I examine sticker ‘graphs.

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