Box Break: 2008 UD Sweet Spot Retail Tin

sweetspottinI heard these hit the market last week, so when I stumbled upon a tin tonight at Target, I decided to take a shot. It was packaged so nicely that I honestly felt like I was buying a high-end product at a retail price. Was I right? Look at the contents and you tell me …

Each tin contains three packs of eight cards, and supposedly will carry an auto or a game-used item.

Pack 1: Greg Maddux, CC Sabathia, Hideki Matsui, Mark Teixeira, Carlos Pena, Jim Thome, Joe Blanton, Prince Fielder, Yogi Berra Yankee Stadium Legacy (YSL)


Pack 2: Chipper Jones, Jeff Kent, Nick Swisher, Brian McCann, Torii Hunter, Dan Uggla, Johan Santana, Rich Harden, Moose Skowron YSL


Pack 3: Magglio Ordonez, Alex Rios, Trevor Hoffman, David Wright, Joe Morgan SWEET SWATCH game-used jersey, Carlos Delgado, Ichiro, Michael Young, Hideki Matsui YSL


Comments: The presentation is nice, one that makes an average collector feel like he is buying a high-end tin at a card shop. You know, the products the shop owner keeps behind the counter, 10 feet off the ground and with a huge $100 price tag. Based on eye appeal on the packaging alone, I’m going to guess that UD will have great success with this Target exclusive set. But man, once you open this product look out, it’s pretty lack luster. The card design is VERY familiar to 2000 Ovation in the fact that there is a stamped/raised design made to feel like the seams of a baseball. And honestly, the design makes sense here because of the product’s name. But this no-frills design coupled with blurry images just isn’t grabbing me. There are no borders on these cards, so they sort of showcase the photography, but looking at these cards make my eyes hurt because the players appear “soft.” Photographers will know what I am talking about.

As for the pulls, I got my guaranteed relic card (Joe Morgan jersey) and managed to pull three YSL cards, but the base cards were pretty mediocre. The highlights were the CC Sabathia in Pack One (he’s shown as a Brewer!) and the Ichiro in Pack Three. I think I pulled the entire New York Mets squad in just three packs but did not unearth a single Red Sox card. Gah!

One quick note on the Joe Morgan: If you think this is a two-color swatch/patch, you’re wrong. This is a solid gray swatch that was put into the card poorly, so the upper part of the window is empty. See close up here.

Personally, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Starting immediately I am implementing a moratorium on pack/box breaks at Cardboard Icons. Financially I cannot afford it, and honestly, I am not enjoying my purchases.

That being said, there is also an outside factor, a slew of eBay purchases that should be arriving this week, playing into this decision. One in particular has me giddy. Let’s just say I’ve been bitten by the vintage bug again.

5 Responses to “Box Break: 2008 UD Sweet Spot Retail Tin”

  1. That image definitely had me fooled. This is like a $30 scratch-off that almost always doesn’t pan out. If I do decide to buy anymore of this, it won’t be the retail version. But you have to give them points for marketing creativity. It’s the cost of a blaster-and-a-half. That’s why you get 3 YSL cards (usually 2 per blaster). But it looks like they put some 2nd rate swatches in these tins…I’m sure with the occasional big hit. It was kinda disappointing but at least you get the cool tin, otherwise you’ll just be throwing away empty blaster boxes.

  2. They changed the entire format this year, even for hobby. 2007 was great. You can pick up a tin all day for $50 dlvd. You get 2 on-card autos (1 Sweet Spot, and 1 Rookie helmet), 2 jerseys, and 2 #’d base cards. Like I’ve said before, all bang – no fluff. This year its 6 tins per $100 hobby box. 1 Sweet Spot sig, 1 crappy base card rookie auto, and 4 crappy looking jersey cards. Plus about 40 base cards that nobody cares about in this type of product. My prediction – $60/box by February.

  3. […] I have been free from the wrath that was the unopened retail pack. Since busting this horrifically ordinary retail tin of 2008 Sweet Spot, I have managed to steer clear of the card aisle at “big box”  stores and have not […]

  4. I just busted open a Target Tin of this lovely product over at Crackin Wax. I think the lesson in this is that there is a MAJOR difference between retail and hobby. If you like being teased, yanked, ribbed, and shat on, throwing your money at the big boxes is the way to go. If you like to increase your chances for a real hit by just a hair, but insure that you’ll get twenty boatloads of inserts, while guaranteeing that you’ll spend WAY more money, then the hobby shop is the way to go.

    That’s just a general observation of the current hobby as a whole, by the way. I’m a slave to it, though. I don’t think I’ll ever learn.

    *walks away in shame*

  5. i bought one of those too and also pulled a joe morgan game used

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