New Additions Part III: Vintage Hank, an ‘Elite’ Thrill, and more

napt3cThe theme for today is combined shipping. As collectors in this day and age, we are all frustrated with inflated shipping costs. Sometimes a seller will charge upwards of $3 to ship a single, non-graded card. Ridiculous. So when you find that one dealer who has more than one card you want, and is willing to combine costs, you’d better take advantage of it. Yesterday I received three packages from three different eBayers. Keep reading to see the loot.

Package One:


New Addition: 1992 Donruss Elite Series Will Clark /10,000

Acquired: eBay ($5.50 + $3 shipping)

Comments: When I opened this envelope, I wanted to punch someone. The card arrived in a 6×9 Bubble Mailer WITHOUT a top loader! It was in a old school penny sleeve, placed inside a cut-out nine-pocket sleeve, and then wrapped in a graded card self-seeling bag. For the uninitiated, this shipping method offered no stabilization for the card. It was the equivalent of having a comic book in a bag without a backboard. Got me? After inspecting the shipping materials, it is apparent to me that the previous owner may not be an avid collector. Gah! Anyway, this is the third 1992 Elite Series card I have acquired. I’m working on the set, so if anyone has any thing from this set and is willing to part with it, hit me up. I’ve got Frank Thomas, Dwight Gooden and now Will Clark.

Package Two:


New Addition: 2001 UD MVP Game-Used Souvenirs Batting Glove Rafael Palmerio

Acquired: eBay ($2.49 + $3 shipping)

Comments: After writing about my Ken Griffey Jr. batting glove card earlier this week, I started looking for more to add to my collection. This is the first of three or four that should be arriving this week. Say what you want about Viagra Boy, but this is a pretty sweet card for the price. We’ve got  white leather from the palm-side of the glove, several pieces of blue stitching, and then blue fabric from the webbing or top-side of the glove. The swatch has character. The relatively good price on this card made me go looking through this seller’s inventory, which led me to the next card …


New Addition: 2002 Fleer Platinum Clubhouse Collection Manny Ramirez Game-Used Jersey

Acquired: eBay ($1.50 + $0.50 shipping)

Comments: Talk about stark differences. This ManRam jersey is solid white, relatively indistinguishable from the thousands of other jersey cards produced of this era’s greatest hitter. But for $2 shipped, it’s a solid addition to my Red Sox collection. I’m not actively seeking ManRam cards, but when you consider the overall price I paid for this card and the Palmeiro, it comes out to less than the price of two packs of cards, which I blindly could have bought at any time.

Package Three


New Addition: 1955 Topps Hank Aaron, card No. 47

Acquired: eBay ($34.11 + $3 shipping)

Comments: A second-year Hank Aaron card for less than 10 percent of book value? I’ll take it. The card has two vertical scratches or roller marks across Aaron’s face, but the rest of the card is awesome. Corners are good, only one tiny surface crease, and absolutely no evidence of trimming. Without the two lines, this card would easily snag a Grade 5 or 6. Oddly enough, this second-year Aaron looks like the Hank Aaron rookie I own.


New Addition: 1955 Topps Dusty Rhodes, Card No. 1

Acquired: eBay ($0.99, free shipping/combined with previous item)

Comments: How in the hell did I score this card for less than a dollar? This is the first card of the 1955 Topps set, a card that carries a book value of $125. Yes, that’s One-Hundred Twenty-Five Dollars. The only issues with this card are the worn corners. Nonetheless, this is a fantastic pickup, one that has inspired me to start a new Project: The Numbers Ones. The premise of the project will be to acquired the first card from each base Topps set produced. I’m already got the most important one. Andy Pafko.

As for Rhodes, (not that Dusty Rhodes) he was not much of a player in the Big Leagues, but did play a huge role in the Giants last championship in 1954.


New Addition: 1975 Topps Hank Aaron, Card No. 660

Acquired: eBay ($4.99 + free shipping/combined with previous item)

Comments: This was kind of an impulse buy, one that in retrospect I probably shouldn’t have made. Given the perceived value I got in the Aaron and Rhodes 1955 cards, I was feeling at the time that $4.99 was a good price for this card. But I may have been better off without. That being said, if I saw this Aaron sitting out there from a another seller for $5 shipped, I’d probably snag it any other day, so it wasn’t a horrible buy. Also, this is Aaron’s second to last card — the exact opposite of the 1955 card.

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