New Additions Part IV: A pair of Gem rookies, A-Rod glove and more

napt4wagnerbiconsI’m still waiting for one awesome package to arrive, but these might hold us over until it arrives. Got three packages in the mail Friday. One from a trader/blogger (Saints of the Cheap Seats) and two from eBayers. Continue reading to see the goods …


New Addition: 2008 Allen & Ginter Baseball Icons Honus Wagner with other set needs.

Acquired: Trade (Saints of the Cheap Seats)

Comments: It’s not often that 2008 cards make me stop and smile. But every time I receive one of these 2008 Allen & Ginter Baseball Icons cards, I do just that. A&G is an artsy-type set, one that feels extra special when the older players are featured on the minis, which I believe are the exact size of the originals cards made more than 100 years ago. This goes nicely with the rest of my Baseball Icons, a set I that is now 33 percent complete. The rest of the package was full of set needs, stuff that would not interest most of you so I won’t bother mentioning them. Big shout to Dan at SotCS for sending this package. I’ll send something along shortly.


New Addition: 1999 Bowman Chrome Matt Holliday BGS 9.5 GEM MINT

Acquired: eBay ($12.01 + $3.50 shipping)

Comments: Beckett charges a minimum of $12 per card to get graded, and when you factor in shipping and insurance fees, you’re looking at well over $15 per card to be graded. And that is assuming you use the slowest method.

This Matt Holliday chrome rookie, his best, has been graded gem mint and cost me about $15.50 shipped. I didn’t have to supply the card, and I did not have to hope the card would come back gem mint. You tell me how I did.

This is actually my second gem mint Holliday, and now that he’s moved to Oakland, one of my local teams, I might look to move this in the future for something I don’t own. There was a time when these Holliday’s were selling upward of $50, so I do feel like a got  a bargain. If you’re looking for one, they can be had for about $25 on eBay right now.

Another upside to this was that it led me to the next item …


New Addition: 1993 Topps Traded Todd Helton rookie BGS 9.5 GEM MINT

Acquired: eBay ($12.50 + $1 shipping < combined with item above)

Comments: Is Todd Helton a hall of famer? I kind of go back and forth on this. Through 12 seasons, he’s just shy of 2,000 hits, has 300-plus homers and holds a career .328 batting average. His career is not over, but he’s clearly not in the prime of his career.

Anyhow, about three years ago I paid $19.99 for a PSA 9 (Mint) version of this same card. I felt it was a good deal at the time because the Helton rookie remained elusive to me for so many years. When Helton was a solid producer, the Topps Traded rookie was a card that sold in raw condition for more than $20, in mint condition for even more, and gem mint was probably close to $50.

So when I won the Holliday rookie above and saw this sitting there for about $12, I decided it was a worthy upgrade from my Mint version. Not exactly something to write home about, but a nice addition to my collection for an excellent price. And like the Holliday, the cost of this graded card was less than what it would have cost me to submit my own for grading.


New Addition: 2001 UD Gold Glove Slugger’s Choice game-used batting glove Alex Rodriguez

Acquired: eBay ($5 + $2.50 shipping)

Comments: When I saw this on eBay, I thought it was a two-color swatch of batting glove,  a card worthy of being added to me growing collection of Cards with Character (note: A new section will be added soon showcasing game-used/memorabilia card with special-looking swatches or ttributes.) As it turned out, this is not a two-color swatch, rather something even better.

It appears that the silver area near the top right corner of the window is sharpie, which means … you guessed it, this is a piece that bears parts of Alex Rodriguez’s signature.


In comparing this with my certified Rodriguez auto of about the same time frame (1999-2001) I’d guess this is a small section toward the bottom of the “Rodriguez” part of the the signature. Kind of a neat addition, one similar to this Trevor Hoffman card I wrote about a while back. I’ll add it to the new Cards with Character page, which I’ll preview when the page is ready to be unveiled.

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