New Additions Part V: Card O’ Plenty

napt5longospThe packages keep coming, and with each one the pile of cards on my desk that needs to be scanned has grown. While I’m still waiting for a few other packages, I may as well do this post now before it gets way too overwhelming. Enjoy.


New Addition: Lot of Nine Evan Longoria “Rookie” cards.

Acquired: eBay ($11.01 + Free Shipping)

Comments: The definition of rookie card has somewhat changed over the years, but this is a solid lot for the buy price. Nothing here will be worth a fortune one day, but there are a few nice cards here. The Masterpieces card is a short print and I love the Stadium Club First Day card. The real reason I bought this lot though was for the Timeline card that looks like 1994 SP. Again it is not “worth” much, but its a card I want in my collection.  I’m undecided about what to do with the rest of the lot. I may trade them or sell what I don’t want to recoup part of the price.


New Addition: 2008 Allen & Ginter Baseball Icons Pee Wee Reese

Acquired: Trade w/ The Hamiltonian

Comments: Another card I needed for the Baseball Icons  set, one of my favorite inserts of 2008. This didn’t “cost” me much but two A&G minis.


New Addition: Lot of 6 2008 Allen & Ginter Baseball Icons inserts

Acquired: eBay ($6.50 + $1.50 shipping)

Comments: I wonder if I would have obtained this lot so cheaply had the seller had a better title. The auction title was “lot of 6 World Champions Mini’s 2008 Allen & Ginter.” No where in there does it say “Baseball Icons.” The insert set is not in high demand, but for about a buck a piece I could not pass on a lot that would knock out roughly 33 percent of the set. I needed five of the six cards pictured. The only double being George Sisler. I can’t say it enough: I love this insert set.


New Addition: 2005 Topps Chrome Updates Jay Bruce Autographed rookie BCCG 10 (Mint)

Acquired: eBay ( $60.99 + $9.03 shipping and TAXES)

Comments: As fast as this one arrived, it might be right out the door again. The card is great, don’t get me wrong. But given my recent car issue and the fact that I ended up spending about $9 for shipping and taxes (I forgot to calculate that) I’m not feeling so good about the purchase. I intended for this to be a buy low now and re-sell later candidate, but I’m on the fence about holding it for too much longer. I still feel $60/$70 is an excellent price for Bruce’s best non-parallel rookie card. Especially considering these were in the $200 neighborhood just a few months back.


New Addition: Lot of 20-plus cards for sets

Acquired: Gift from ItsJustOldCardboard

Comments: Nothing real “special” in this lot, the best card may be the one showing here (08 A&G Varitek), but they certainly help with the set needs. Big thanks to Patrick at ItsJustOldCardboard.


New Addition: 1993 Donruss Elite Series cards of Fred McGriff and Barry Larkin

Acquired: eBay ($3.24 [McGriff]; $2.24 [Larkin] + $3.50 combined ship)

Comments: My new card fix has been acquiring inserts that once were too rare or expensive for me to own. And in the process I’ve informally started trying to build those sets. The demand and values of those cards, like these Elites, have declined over the years, but they still serve as nice additions to my collection.


New Addition: 2005 Cracker Jack Surprise Signatures Kevin Millar autograph

Acquired: eBay ($5.50 +$3.75 shipping)

Comments: I’m noticing a trend lately — Shipping has either been super expensive or extra cheap. What happened to standard $2-$2.50 shipping? I’ll agree I over paid for shipping, but it’s a somewhat difficult task tracking down this particular card. You may not be able to tell that based on the sell price, but the fact that the seller had it listed as “Keith Millar” certainly helped. Anyhow, Millar is not a superstar, but he was a key character on the 2004 Red Sox championship squad, and his signature is one I wanted in my Sox collection. Millar signatures are somewhat sparse, and I suspect it has a lot to do with his relationship with the Player’s Union. I’ll discuss this a bit more  in a  Card of the Day post soon.

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