Postage Due: UPDATE


I went to the post office this morning to retrieve my Postage Due package and in the process remained true to my word — I paid the remaining 34 cents in pennies. Such a bad ass, huh?

The clerk thought it was funny. His reaction: “Alright!!!” Obviously he was being sarcastic.

Just as I suspected, this was indeed a package from an eBay seller whom I paid $3 for shipping.  The contents were a beautifully conditioned 1999 Ultimate Victory Josh Beckett rookie card that I got for a measly $8 and change, so I am conflicted as to what to do here as far as naming the seller. I’m leaning toward not. I mean I did get a deal, even if it was a pain in the ass to drag myself to the post office in the middle of the holiday rush, and I’m not THAT much of an asshole.

It’s very possible that this seller is not used to sending cards (he has less than 100 feed backs), and from the looks of it he used the Automated Postage Machine, which can be a bit confusing for eBay rookies. In this case, he sent it with first class letter postage and NOT as a first-class parcel; the different is apparently 34 cents. Go figure.

Anyway, here is a poor picture of the card because it was taken with my little shitty camera phone. Honestly, the card is in excellent shape. Probably an 8.5, which is pretty good for this condition sensitive set. Much better than the one I personally pulled from a pack at 7-Eleven in 1999. Ah, those were the days, the chase for Rick Ankiel.


3 Responses to “Postage Due: UPDATE”

  1. So what you are saying is that if used improperly, those Automated Postage Machines can pay for themselves? Thanks for the tip!

  2. What I’m saying is mistakes happen. I can see how this one was made. I myself used the APC all t he time and for rookies of the APC it’s pretty damn confusing, especially when they give you the option to pay a lesser price.

  3. I had this happen to me once. I let the seller know that I had to pay whatever cents because the postage wasn’t fully covered. He refunded me a dollar for my trouble and was gracious. I left him positive feedback because he rectified the situation.

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