I’m so lucky: PWE alert …

pweJesus, what the hell did I do to the good people of eBay? First a seller sends me a package that needs additional postage, and now I get a freakin’ Plain White Envelope (PWE)! Good news is that I only paid $2 for the shipping and the seller used two stamps, so he only profited a buck or so. Cheap bastard.

Anyway, here it is. It hails from Fort Meyers, Florida, and the last name of the seller is Percey. I’ve obstructed the sender’s full name and addy because I’m not a completely evil asshole.

Oh, by the way, that is a 1948 Bowman Johnny Mize rookie I snagged for $7. The card is creased across the middle, but you can tell it’s been kept pretty stuff for a few decades. I love cards that are 60 years old, particularly rookies of Hall of Famers.  This marks off another rookie from the RAM project list, which by the way needs a major overhaul. I’ve got a MONSTER that arrived in the mail the other day that I’ve yet to discuss/show here because I might be acquiring some other goodies from this guy. Not looking to jeopardize that if ya know what I mean.

One Response to “I’m so lucky: PWE alert …”

  1. […] use when acquiring some older rookie cards. I did have a little problem with the shipping (as noted here) but overall a nice […]

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