New Additions Part VI: Kickin’ It Old School

92carter1As noted in my earlier post, I’ve lived up to my personal goal of abstaining from buying packs of cards in recent weeks. So instead I’ve put my PayPal funds toward items I know I’ll enjoy, cards I’ve always wanted, and those I’ve been meaning to replace in my collection for more than a decade. Let’s have a look at what’s arrived in Newspaperman’s mailbox recently.


New Addition: 1948 Bowman Johnny Mize rookie

Acquired: eBay ($7.05 + $2 shipping)

Comments: One more RAM Project rookie card knocked out of the way. As you can tell the card is creased across the middle, but overall it is in nice shape. The card is fairly stiff and it is obviously to me that it had been kept flat for several years. This is how I like my Hall of Fame rookie cards: Affordable. I snagged this copy for about 5 percent of Book Value, a percentage I love to use when acquiring some older rookie cards. I did have a little problem with the shipping (as noted here) but overall a nice acquisition.


New Addition: 1999 Ultimate Victory Josh Beckett SP Rookie Card

Acquired: eBay ($8.49 + $3 shipping)

Comments: There was a time when Josh Beckett Ultimate Victory rookies were selling pretty close to book price ($40). This apparently was the victim of an off-season collection dump. How I managed to snag this coy for less than $10 is beyond me. It is in great shape, although the top right corner shows the slightest of touches. I own one other Beckett Ultimate Victory rookie, which I pulled from a pack in 1999 while searching for the ever elusive Rick Ankiel, but this one beats the pants off of the other in terms of condition. The majority of the good short printed rookies I pulled from this set were off-register. There is an embossed-like look in the foil and in the copies I pulled, they do not lineup directly with the design. Now only if I can get that Rick Ankiel …


New Addition: 1992 Donruss Elite Series Joe Carter

Acquired: eBay ($4.99 + $2.50 shipping)

Comments: One more Elite Series card to add to the set. I’m about half way done with the set, something that would have been unthinkable 15 years ago. These cards have lost a lot of value over the years, but they are still some of the most desirable and attractive cards I’ve ever seen.


New Addition: Lot of 2 1967 Topps Card No. 1 “The Champs” Ft. Baltimore¬† Orioles stars

Acquired: eBay ($1.04 + $3 shipping)

Comments: One more “Number One” to knock off my list. I recently started a new project called “The Number Ones.” Basically it’s a collection of the first card from each Topps set. This card from the 1967 Topps set highlights the 1966 World Series champion Baltimore Orioles and celebrates the efforts of Hall of Famers Frank and Brooks Robinson. These cards book at $25 each, and are in very different condition. One is in poor shape (rounded corners, edge wear and a pin hole), while the other looks OK. The price was damn near unbeatable, even more so when you consider what else I bought from this seller …


New Addition: 1997 Bowman Chrome Vernon Wells Rookie

Acquired: eBay ($1 + $.25 shipping)

Comments: Dude, a Bowman Chrome rookie of stud outfielder for a buck? Thanks, I’ll take that. I think this is the fourth one I own now. Not that I needed it, but for the price I’m buying those all day. All it takes is one hot month to flip (either by trade or eBay) this for more than what I paid. *Note: That line is on my scanner … I need to clean this thing.


New Addition: 1974 Topps Ken Griffey Sr. rookie

Acquired: eBay ($1 + Free Shipping with above items)

Comments: Yes, another RAM Project rookie knocked out of the way. A Ken Griffey Sr. rookie for a buck? Are you kidding me? It’s deals like this that make me anxious for the next big card show in Northern California. I miss bargain bins, they were my favorite as a kid. But getting combined shipping, especially of the free type, from sellers on eBay is the next best thing. My advice to buyers: Pounce on them when you see them. My advice to sellers: Offer free shipping (or a cheap combine rate) and you’ll move more stock.


New Addition: 1991 Leaf “Gold Leaf Rookies” Jeff Bagwell

Acquired: eBay ($1 + Free Shipping with above items)

Comments: One of my favorite cards of my youth was this seemingly hard-to-obtain 1991 Leaf Gold Rookie Jeff Bagwell rookie-year insert. I’ll touch more on this bad boy in a Card of the Day post.

2 Responses to “New Additions Part VI: Kickin’ It Old School”

  1. That’s an awesome Mize rookie card.

  2. Yeah, crease or no crease, the Mize card is awesome. I love vintage.

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