Rare first 1869 baseball card unearthed in California

1869redstockingsbackofcardBack in September, my college buddy and one of my best friends, reporter/columnist Mike Osegueda at the Fresno Bee newspaper, wrote me an e-mail asking about baseball cards. It was an odd inquiry considering that Mike really hadn’t collected cards since the early 1990s. But he knew that I was addicted to the cardboard. He wanted to know if I had ever seen this card to the left.

One of Mike’s sources contacted him and shared this story about a female antique dealer uncovering this 1869 Peck & Snyder card featuring the Cincinnati Red Stockings, considered to be one of the first cards ever made.

Mike’s story was published today. Read HERE for all the details on this historical find. Truely amazing.

5 Responses to “Rare first 1869 baseball card unearthed in California”

  1. That is some kind of story. Makes me want to start atteding those storage locker auctions they hold every now and then!

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  4. […] in various Beckett magazines. Of course after Mike published the story, I brought it to you first. Thanks, […]

  5. […] helped spread the news of the hobby’s oldest baseball card being found in Fresno, Calif. I owe another hat tip to my boy Mike, the reporter at the Fresno Bee who wrote that original […]

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