Card of the Day: 1993 Upper Deck “On Deck With …” Albert Belle

albertfrontLast week I learned something new about Hall of Famer George Brett, a fact that apparently has been common knowledge for nearly three decades. I’m embarrassed for not having known the info. But then again, should I be? I mean we’re talking about hemorrhoids.

Well, while flipping through my Albert Belle collection, I came across a 1993 Upper Deck insert card from the same set I learned about Brett’s pain in the ass. You know this one will be enjoyable.

Up front, I’ll say this: Albert’s card is not that controversial, but it is interesting.


You’re telling me that in 1993 when Albert Belle was considered one of the best up-and-coming sluggers in baseball that his mind was on the links? How in the hell did Albert not say something related to baseball?You know: Win a World Series; Hit 50 homers; To be an all-star, etc.

It’s not like they asked him what he’d like to do away from the field, or what he’d do it he weren’t playing baseball. Got to love you some Albert Belle. Awesome. Freakin’ golf pro …. tsk. Who would’ve known?

Apparently earlier this year Albert tried out for 2008 U.S. Open but failed to qualify. Interesting. Almost seems like a Happy Gilmore type situation.


Blah … blah … blah. Classic cliche answer.

Can’t fault him for that, but this really tells me nothing about Albert. Or does it? Someone asked Albert, a baseball player, what his CAREER goal is and he replied with “… become a golf pro.” Does this sound like setting your expectations high and working hard to achieve them?


Oooh, truth. Up to this point, Albert had spent parts of four years with Cleveland and each of them ended with the Indians losing at least 85 games. The team lost 105 games in 1991. Ugh. I’d be pissed too. Sorry to bring that up again, Cleveland. Joking.

belleback31I totally see his point. If I were him I’d be more than happy to sign, but not for a group of raging idiots shoving kids to the side to get their hands on a Albert Belle signature. Didn’t these people learn anything from May 11, 1991? Bottom line: Don’t piss off Albert Belle.

I also find this card amusing because of what is depicted on the front of the card — Albert signing items for waiting fans. It’s hard to tell though if Albert is enjoying this process …

belleback4What the hell … I thought Albert wanted to be a golf pro?

belleback5Is there any real dispute here? It was either Griffey Jr. or Frank Thomas, and either would have been the right choice in 1993.

In closing, I’ll say I again learned something new about one of my favorite baseball players. Albert Belle was one of my baseball idols in the 1990s. When we played pick-up ball at the local fields or softball in physical education class, I emulated Albert Belle … I even had a little anger streak in me, too, having been warned a few times about my language in class.

All jokes aside, I’m still working on my Albert Belle collection, so if you’ve got anything I might be able to use, shoot me an e-mail

6 Responses to “Card of the Day: 1993 Upper Deck “On Deck With …” Albert Belle”

  1. Great post! I am a huge Belle fan and cry everytime I realize that his less-talented former teammates (Thome & Ramirez) have 500 home runs and he doesn’t.

  2. I don’t know that I’d call Thome and Manny less talented. Thome is a prototypical slugger — one whose appearance is timeless — and Manny may very well be the greatest hitter of this generation.

  3. When Albert hit 50 home runs in the strike shortened 1995 season, both Manny and especially Thome were low-30’s home run hitters. Did you ever think both of them would be in the elite 500 home run club? I sure as hell didn’t.

    There is something to be said about the guys who cheated and were never caught. Jose Canseco made a point in his book to say the strongest man he ever met who has never used steroids was Albert.

  4. 1994 was the strike-shortened year; 1995 was abbreviated by some 16 or so games due to a prolonged spring straining when the players decided to come back.

    As it pertains to that trio of sluggers, Thome and Manny had outstanding seasons in 95 as well. It also should be noted that that season was Manny and Thome’s second “full” complete season in the Bigs; it was Belle’s fourth.

  5. Oh, and I totally agree about your comment regarding Jose Canseco on Albert Belle. It makes the whole things even more remarkable. Although I’d bet that you, me and a bunch of Indians fans are the only ones who care … Ha.

  6. Belle might not of hit the roids, but he sure wasn’t adverse to corking a bat or two. I think the term cheating is subjective here.

    I don’t think the world could of handled Belle on the roids. Can you imagine a guy who normally chases fans into the stands, throws balls at hecklers and runs down trick or treaters with his car for egging his house on a roid rage!?

    What could he do any angrier? Drag a fan over the outfield fence and eat his spleen in front of 10000 fans?

    I will continue to follow the sage advice of crossing the street if Albert comes around. A wide berth…a wide berth. 🙂

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