My Newest Addition; Thoughts on Rickey, Rice

This piece was written by hand Jan. 12, 2009 and transcribed for this blog on Jan. 15, 2009. Some portions have been added.

111_0065Well, I almost called my shot. Just as I alluded to last week, my wife and I indeed this weekend welcomed into the world our newest addition — Alexa, born early Sunday morning.

Since her birth, the world has seemed like a different place. My wife and I are still in the hospital — I’m actually writing this by hand  as I listen my daughter make the funniest noises — so we’ve yet to feel any sense of normalcy. And for me, this really means that I’ve yet to see what life is like at home with my daughter and wife, who is recovering from Cesarean Section surgery.

But I’m not going to turn this into a diary about the joys of fatherhood. I bet a blog about such a topic would be more popular than my little blog about baseball cards, but I’m not going down that road here. Instead I want to talk about stuff I’ve missed.

We’ve been in the hospital now for a few days and I’ve noticed that I’ve been oblivious to the “real world.” I didn’t even find out about Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice being elected to the Hall of Fame until 8 p.m. (Pacific) Sunday while watching my local news. (no cable in the hospital) Of course seeing this news made me breakout this notebook and start writing.

89rickeyAs a San Francisco Bay Area resident, I had the pleasure of enjoying Rickey Henderson play with the A’s during the early 90s (I missed the 80s stint in Oakland) and he was fun to watch. Especially during his stretch run toward Lou Brock’s stolen base record. Between Mark McGwire’s record setting rookie year, Jose Canseco’s 40-40 effort and Henderson pursuit of Brock, the A’s were an exciting team to watch. Every kid I knew wanted a pair of padded neon green, white and black Mizuno batting gloves (Like the ones seen HERE).

jimriceAnd while everyone knew Rickey was a first-ballot Hall of Famer, the same could not be said for Jim Rice, who also was elected after 15 years of being eligible. Rice’s election to the HOF makes me proud to be a Sox fan. I want to say I’ve got some experience or story to share about Rice, but truth is I never really understood how good he was until recently, long after his career ended.

On the flip side, it saddened me a bit to see that Mark McGwire fell short of the Hall yet again. Big Mac was one of my favorite players during my youth. Regardless of what “supplements” he was taking, he afforded me opportunities to cheer for him and he was one of the best of his era.

Anyhow, I’ll wrap up this first post-birth blog by saying that while my world has changed (Cliche, I know) I think I’ve grown to appreciate what I’ve got — family, a fun hobby and the ability to write — even if it is done by hand. I actually enjoyed writing this piece and may chose to do more hand-written blogs and then translate them later. It’s quieter and I will not be chained to the computer like I normally am. What this means to you readers is that I’ll be able to continue with semi-regular scheduled posts.

4 Responses to “My Newest Addition; Thoughts on Rickey, Rice”

  1. Congrats! Before my daughter was born countless people would tell me “nothing will ever be the same.” And I would think, “I know that already.” But I didn’t know the NUMBER OF WAYS that it would change. You’re in for one heck of ride. Most of it good.

    I’m happy both Henderson and Rice are in the Hall, too. I watched the both of them for their entire careers. They both should be in there.

  2. Congrats, watch out for your little lady. My girlfriend’s sister had C-section and had a lot of complications with infections in the wound. Just keep an eye on it, you can never be too cautious.

  3. Congrats. It sounds as if all are healthy and I am happy to hear that. As for those little funny noises that your daughter is making now they will only get better as time goes on. You are in for the best years of your life. Live them, enjoy them and take the time to reflect back on them. You will be amazed how much has changed in such a short time. Best of luck to the family!!

  4. Look man, The Jon just spent 30 minutes putting stickers on a Cinderella crown. The Jon gets to play a game Friday where The Jon will have to put on fake jewelry to try to win a game where the goal is to dress up like a princess … um, enjoy.

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