New Additions Part VII: Back to the Future

napt762marisIt’s been more than three weeks since I showcased some of my new additions. Since that last post, a few new envelopes have shown up, the majority of which have come from eBay sellers. There is a constant theme running through these recent envelopes: The contents within are at least 10 years old, and in some cases the cardboard is older than I am.


New Addition: 1970 Topps New York Mets Team Card “World Champions,” Card No. 1

Acquired: eBay ($1.27 + $2.50 shipping)

Comments: Another addition to my Topps Number Ones project. The card is horribly off-center, but you know I don’t mind much at this point. I just love my old cards and this is a neat addition, even if you can’t really make out the faces of all the players. Also, have a look at the full size scan (click the image) as you may find some comedic relief in the two guys wearing tight, white Mets turtle necks. Freakin’ awesome, “Amazin’ ” even.


New Addition: 1972 Topps Pittsburgh Pirates “World Champions” team card, Card Number 1.

Acquired: eBay ($2.19 + $2.50 shipping)

Comments: You know, the more Number Ones that I acquire from the 70s, the more I really wish Topps would put more thought into it’s current base product. The first card in the set should be special. And I’m sorry, a base card of Alex Rodriguez (2006 and 2008 ) just doesn’t do it for me. Also, these team cards are reminding me of The Bad News Bears.


New Addition: 1962 Topps Roger Maris, Card Number 1

Acquired: eBay ($22.22 + $2.50 shipping)

Comments: This was one of the cards I never thought I’d own. This is the third Number One added to my collection in recent weeks, and it is a doozy. This is the first Maris card produced after he broke Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record. It documents the memorable 1961 season on the back both in the stat panel and in the cartoon. I never thought I’d own it because I feel it’s just one of those cards no one would ever want to give up, even in this condition. By the way, I snagged this for about 5 percent of book value; very happy.


New Addition: 1972 Topps Roberto Clemens In Action, Card No. 310

Acquired: eBay ($1.80 + $.90 {combined shipping})

Comments: I love adding Clemente cards to my collection, and I love when I can do so for about half the price of a single retail pack. What intrigues me about this card is the photo chosen. This card seemingly honors Clemente and is supposed to use an action shot to do so. Here, Clemente appears to be caught striking out. Not exactly flattering.


New Addition: 1964 Topps Lou Piniella rookie, Card No. 167

Acquired: eBay ($1.04 + $0.90 {combined shipping})

Comments: Finally! I’ve been wanting this Piniella card for a decade now and have been too cheap to fork over $5 for a copy. I always told myself I’d get one when the price is right — cheaper than $5, or 15 percent of book value. For a little more than a buck, now was the time. Rookie cards of successful managers always intrigue me, and this is another one to add to my RAM Project, which is undergoing an overhaul and will be reintroduced to the readers of Cardboard Icons shortly.

Oh, and for the record, if you think Mike Brumley looks like he got into fight here it’s because there is some sort of wax on the surface of the card. Too bad that is the case. I’ve be even more happy if Brumley really looked like he had a busted lip.


New Addition: 1992 Fleer Frank Thomas “Rookie Sensations”

Acquired: eBay ($2 BUY IT NOW + $2 SHIPPING)

Comments: The Holy Grail of Frank Thomas cards has arrived! OK, maybe that statement was true in 1992, but we are living in the past here. For 16 years I’ve been wanting this card and for that long, it had evaded me. When these cards were hotter than the sun on a hot summer day, they were fetching upward of $50. And there was no reason to believe they would plummet to it’s current value, about $5. The card is beautiful. Before blue refractors, the blue borders on this Rookie Sensation soothed the collecting soul. I’m debating doing a “Card of the Day” at some point. Many memories chasing this card.

3 Responses to “New Additions Part VII: Back to the Future”

  1. What were the odds on that Thomas?

  2. No odds listed, just randomly inserted. Sadly enough these cards were available in easily searchable packs.

  3. […] 1982 Fleer Lou Piniella: Cardboard Icons Rule No. 2: Always show off your cards of managers before they started calling the shots. You can see Lou’s rookie card here. […]

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