Card of the Day: 1961 Post Hank Aaron un-cut Panel

cbi1961posthankaaronsheetGot a quick hitter here. Today I present a very special collectible, one I picked up about a year ago for the bargain price of $15. Here we’ve got an uncut sheet/panel of 1961 Post baseball cards, featuring Hall of Famer Hank Aaron. It’s value? Unknown due to its rarity.

I knew when I saw this panel that I had to have it. The price tag was a bit steep — considering the odd pricing structure this particular thrift store uses and my penchant for being stingy at times — but the uniqueness of the piece made it a must have.

Most of the Post cards from this era that I’ve seen in my two decades of collecting are poorly cut and are creased beyond belief as the cards themselves are a bit larger than the Topps issue of the same years. But here the Hank Aaron, the main card on the panel, is in pristine condition. The original borders are in tact, there isn’t a single crease on the panel and absolutely no writing on the back of the panel.

A few weeks ago I observed a few uncut 1961 panels on eBay and some of them were selling well above $100, and none of them featured any hallof famers. I wonder what this particular panel might sell for, although I’m not sure I am ready to part with it yet. The Aaron card alone is listed at $40 in my 2008 Beckett Almanac.

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