Waiting on 2009 Topps Baseball

I believe we are about a week away from the official release of the 2009 Topps product and I am really excited. Thus far I have not seen anything special about the release, but we all know that the new no-frills Topps base product marks the beginning of the baseball season.

Released just weeks before pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training, the new Topps series offers collectors a new beginning to their collecting cycle. Gone are the bad breaks of 2008. The calendar has changed and with this new product that bears the numerals of the new year, perhaps our fortunes for the upcoming season might change as well; it’s a fresh start.

To a non-card collector, it’s hard to describe the anticipation that lies within when discussing the Topps base product every year. Hell, even those within our hobby don’t understand the joy that such a basic brand can bring a simple collector.  The base set is pretty straight forward and the odds of pulling a high-dollar card are pretty astronomical, so some high-roller /card gamblers simply don’t get why this is such a big deal for some of us.

But for those of us who collect for the sake of collecting, this product is like Game 7 of the World Series before the season even begins. In some cases we get new players “wearing” (Photoshop) new uniforms, we get cards featuring complete 2008 statistics, and we get a new, simple set to chase before the season even begins. And along with that we get an outside chance at pulling some monumental card, perhaps one bearing the signature of a President.

The Topps base brand isn’t for every one, this is true. But for a simple collector like me, it’s a reason to get excited about a Tuesday morning in early February. It’s a reason to get exciting about new trading opportunities with fellow collectors from around the globe. It’s a a reason to talk baseball.

4 Responses to “Waiting on 2009 Topps Baseball”

  1. I too cannot wait for Topps to come out next week. I go and check out Topps website 3-4 times a day looking and waiting for a check list to be posted. Topps may be somewhat boring – But reg.Topps issued cards are the only thing I collect. I pull out all of the Angels.
    I do this for Football (Raiders) and basketball (Lakers/Hornets)
    I don’t by any other cards because there are way to many brands/types.
    Topps to me is the orig. and if I try to by them all I would go broke and fell like i’m spinning in a circle trying to chase my tail to get the teams I wan’t together.

  2. I agree with both of you about the arrival of the Topps base set. It’s all I buy, too. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been sensible for me to buy boxes in recent years because of all the junk I don’t want. I wait for the local shop to build a set for me. I also liked it better when the whole set (not just Series 1) was available before the season started. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to have half the players in February or March and then wait til June to get the other half. Oh well…didn’t mean to rain on the coming parade. I also miss The Sporting News Baseball Register.

  3. Jon, I understand where you’re coming from. It’s almost impossible to complete a set with just one box because of all the inserts. But if the game is played correctly (i.e. trade all the inserts for base cards you need) then it can be done. However, this is a time consuming effort that does not always work, so purchasing a complete set may do the trick.

    For my collecting purposes, I find building the sets to be more enjoyable. You get to interact with other collectors while hunting down certain cards. At times its tedious and can seem pointless, but there is some satisfaction in finding the last card of two to complete the goal.

    As for two series of cards: I somewhat agree, but Ser. 2 does give the card company an opportunity to get some fresh images of players who traded teams before the season started (i.e. Sabathia, Teixeira, etc.)

  4. Newspaperman is right that I miss out on the fun of piecing together a new set. That was the joy of the hobby. I think it was 2005 or 2006 when the red-letter parallels really ruined it. And the Alex Gordon gimmick was unforgiveable. Fortunately, I still have uncompleted legacy sets from the 70s and 60s that I can work on, but no packs to open.

    Your comment about Series 2 including players with their new teams is important, but for some reason, Topps still tries to do that with a handful of Series 1 cards on a hit and miss basis (2008 Miguel Cabrera / Andruw Jones / e.g.), instead of saving them all for Series 2. (In fact, I’ll bet that Sabathia / Teixeira are in Series 1 this year as Yankees.) I would love it if the whole base set showed only the previous year’s team (all 660 or 792 or whatever) and came out in November / December. Then Series 2 could be a “Traded” set right after opening day, showing all of the off-season moves and rookies who made the team (132 or so). Finally, Series 3 could capture all of the in-season trades and rookie call-ups (another 132). But obviously I don’t run the businesses; I just vote with my few dollars.

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