I’m so tired of waiting for Topps

redhotrookieAm I wrong for being so annoyed with the Topps Red Hot Rookie Redemption program? Initially I found the entire process somewhat exciting. Some people hate redemption cards, but I actually enjoy them a bit. But that’s probably because I had some killer luck with some replacements in the past. (I once got a Roger Clemens autograph instead of a common signed European Football League rookie from Donruss.) Anyhow, as it pertains to this particular set, I am so over it. Back when Topps Series 2 was released, I bought a box and pulled the pictured card.

I waited all summer with anticipation wondering for whom this card would be exchanged for. Then in late September I got my answer: Lou Montanez of the Baltimore Orioles.

I was so defeated when I learned about the redemption. I mean the first card in the series is a signed Jay Bruce, and there are at least a dozen or so other solid cards in this setbut Montanez is not one of them.

My gripe however is not really about the card I’m supposed to receive, I know that’s the gamble you take some times with redemption programs. Rather, my bitching and moaning is about when or if I’ll ever receive said card.  The Montanez card is far from a Red Hot card on the market, but as a collector, I just want what I am entitled to. And seeing as how Montanez was named as the 20th player in this set on Sept 25 — four months ago — I am getting really annoyed that the card still has not shown up.

I checked my redemption status and it is as follows: (image)



8 Responses to “I’m so tired of waiting for Topps”

  1. I pulled #8 (Jeff Spellcheck) and #19 (some guy I have never heard of) out of a hobby box earlier this week and went to their website to redeem them. Topps kindly informed me that I should receive my cards by 8/27/2009. Seven months seems a bit overboard to me considering the players were announced last summer.

  2. Wow …. ridiculous.

  3. I traded for one of those about six months ago and didn’t even bother to redeem it.

  4. What number? Are you sure the code was not already redeemed?

  5. Yea, I bought the Teagarden and Davis redemptions on Ebay. I keep forgetting about them. I can’t figure out what the heck is taking so long for them. They are not autos.

  6. exactly my point (no autos), these cards should have been out already …

    Of course if Topps decides to get the cards signed unexpectedly, I’ll be happy.

  7. A company under-promising and over-delivering? Never.

  8. I’m building the set, so I got about 25 of these coming from Topps. Finally got e-mail’s in FEBRUARY that they would be mailed. I got my 2 John Bowker’s (#3) last week in a non-padded envelope. The “Hot Wheels” red hot rookie logo got replaced with the boring “new” rc logo, but looked fine otherwise.

    B+ for the non-auto’d cards so far…

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