36 Times Dope: “Yo! MTV Raps” Box Break (Part II)


yopack Check out the wrapper for these rap cards. Got to love the lingo: “New Crews! New Pics!” Aw yeah, contents of pack two are inside, suckas.

MC Hammer (Card 57)

Damn, Two for Two. I believe Hammer is mid “Hammer Dance” here. Freakin’ awesome action photo. It rivals everything I’ve seen from 2008 Stadium Club baseball.

Digital Underground (Card 15)

“Shock-G, the one who put the satin on your panties …,” for some reason that line from Tupac’s “I Get Around” has stuck with me, probably because it’s so ridiculous.

The back of this card credits Digital Underground as being the group to bring “George Clinton’s P-Funk style of being stupid on purpose to hip-hop.” Classic.

Doctor Dre and Ed Lover (Card 20)

Damnit, am I going to get cards of these two — and of  Fab Five Freddy — in every pack?  Did you know that Doctor Dre was a DJ for the Beastie Boys? I bet you did, but it’s news to me.

De La Soul (Card 14)

What’s up with the hair on the guy in the middle? From the back of the card: ” De La Soul’s unique sound is heavily influenced by pop music and is filled with in-jokes.” Isn’t a vast majority of rap/hip-hop filled with in-jokes?

Boogie Down Productions (Card 10)

Fab Five Freddy (Card 33)

The obligatory Yo! VJ card, I guess.

Craig G (Card 110)

Real Name: Craig Curry. Where’d that “G” come from? Look at this picture. is this not the classic pose?

Funny note: The back of these cards gives credit to the record company or person who supplied Pro Set with the photos to make the card. Here, Craig G is credited for offering his own photo. Anyone else find that amusing?

KMD (Card 124)

Back of the Card: “KMD hail from Long Island, New York (also known as Strong Island) …” Wow. In my 28 years of breathing on this fine Earth, I have never heard of Long Island referred to as Strong island.

Queen Latifah (Card 139)

The back of the card is where the action is. Look at that inset photo. Christ.

3RD Bass (Card 146)

This “Pop Goes The Weasel” video was always on back in the day …

But on this card “Ace In The Hole” is highlighted.

Instant Win

Apparently I missed the groove again. (Not a winner)

So Far In This Box:

MC Hammer — 2

Vanilla Ice — 0

3 Responses to “36 Times Dope: “Yo! MTV Raps” Box Break (Part II)”

  1. You should have used ‘The Return of the Crazy One’ for Digital.

    Aw, greatness…

  2. Strong Island is almost as bad as Oaktown …

    Another thing about KMD that you stumbled unknowingly on is the dude in the glasses is Zev Love X. After his brother Subroc died he became MF Doom, one of the only relevant rappers left in rap.

  3. Well, Jon, I’m glad that you could help us with that tidbit of info. So now it looks like I’ve got an MF Doom ROOKIE CARD. Woooooooooo!

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