36 Times Dope: “YO! MTV RAPS” Box Break (Part III)



This is the third installment of a 36-part series highlighting the greatness, dopeness that is/was “YO! MTV RAPS” cards. The contents of Pack Three —  as well as some awesome rap videos — are within.

EPMD (Card 26)

Al Davis must be a proud man. If there is one thing I remember most about late 80s and early 90s hip hop/rap, it’s the abundance of Raiders gear being displayed. Of course during the time these cards were produced, the Raiders were in Los Angeles, the hot bed for gangsta rap, which THIS is not. Go figure.

Digital Underground (Card 16)

Highlight of the card lies in the infograph: “As graffiti artists, (Shock-G) and his younger brother Rackadelic left their mark on the New York subway system before moving to California.” I guess we’re speaking literally here.

What? We’re you expecting some sort of Humpty Dance reference? Maybe later.

Doctor Dre and Ed Lover (Card 19)

Come on. Really? Another one? I will say this though, seeing these guys in a studio setting brings back a lot of memories. I ocassionally watched the show. Here’s the freestyle rap from the last episode ever. (Two parts)

Run D.M.C. (Card 67)

Look at those dookey ropes. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.

Back of the card features a picture of the group sitting on railroad tracks; The shell-toe adidas are almost as prominent in the image as the artists.

Eric B. & Rakim (Card 30)

Per Rakim: “The message we put forth is about trying to encourage people to strengthen their minds.” How about shortening that sentence and getting to the point, B. I mean Rakim.

3RD Bass (Card 79)

One more MC Serch and Pete Nice card for the collection. Apparently my cousin digs Serch. I find Pete Nice an amusing guy to look at because he reminds me of the dudes from Color Me Badd.

Black Sheep (Card 105)

The Choice Is Yours … and I’m chosing to save the video for later.

Daddy-O (Card 112)

Dude, for some reason I hella want to watch “A Diferent World” right now.

L.A. Posse (Card 128 )

Look, another Raider hat … and a Tupac rag. Can a grouping of two guys really be a Posse? Legally they could be considered a gang. But a Posse? Per my “Hip Hoptionary” (Yes, I have one. It was a gift from some college people), a Posse is defined as a “group of hanging buddies.” Well, that settled nothing.

L.A. Posse (Card 127)

Twice is nice … OK, not really. So someone explain to be why the taller dude had to ditch his Raider gear while wearing his suit, but the other guy is OK with his bandana.

Instant Win (Lose) Card


So Far In This Box:

MC Hammer –2

Vanilla Ice — 0

4 Responses to “36 Times Dope: “YO! MTV RAPS” Box Break (Part III)”

  1. I’ve got that Black Sheep cassette single floating around my basement somewhere…

  2. How dare you try to correct the God? Rakim is doper than your whole life.

  3. You will not get a Vanilla Ice card … this is when MTV was trying real hard to be real … and then cam The Real World.

    And that Black Sheep album still holds today.

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