2009 Topps Baseball Hobby Box Break results:

2009toppsturkeyredchristymathewsonEarlier I posted some initial thoughts on the 2009 Topps product. Here are the results of my single hobby box. If anyone has anything off my need list to finish the set, hit me up.







Base Set: 297 of 330 cards

2009toppsalexrodriguezComments: I love the fact that there was not a single duplicate base card in the entire box. This is the way things should be when busting a hobby box of a basic product. The design on these cards is simple and appealing, and the photography used is above average. Below is a list of cards I still need for this set. If you got anything, let me know

Edit, my set is complete.

Relic: Career Best Alex Rodriguez game-used bat


Comments: The design on these game-used cards is fresh, although I am not sure if I like it. Honestly, I’m really starting to HATE the specialized die-cut window. What happened to the simple square of rectangle?

WBC Redemption:


Comments: As noted in my earlier post, I’m intrigued, but the fact that I won’t even sniff my card until SEPTEMBER is very unappealing, especially since the WBC is being played in MARCH.

Black parallel: Jeff Baker /58


Comments: I’ve had good luck in recent years pulling a black parallels, but they are always dogs. Jeff Baker? Yikes. I don’t think there is a Jeff Baker fan outside anyone to whom he is related. And I’m going to have a tough time finding a Rockies team collector.

Gold Parallel:  /2009


Comments: The very first pack I opened featured the American League Batting Leaders Gold card, which is cool because the card features Dustin Pedroia. The other triple card is cool too because it highlights the Rays victory over the Sox. The singles are bland.

Ring of Honor:


Comments: Cool looking inserts, love the David Ortiz card. As noted before, I wish they’d left them out of the 2008 Updates set.

Legends of the Game:


Comments: I really like the Walter Johnson and Christy Mathewson cards here.  I have not looked at the check list for this set, but I’m pretty happy with the six I pulled. Teddy Ballgame is headed to the Sox collection. I may trade the others.

Turkey Red:


Comments: As noted earlier, I think we as a whole could have done without these cards for at least a year. I like Turkey Red, but after last years poor effort — the drawings sucked, Topps! — we needed to be cleansed of this set.  Maybe this is Topps’ way of redeeming itself.  Honestly, I like the idea of this as an insert-only set. It kind creates a situation where people are chasing the cards, making them seem more appealing … By the way, the Christy Mathewson from this set (featured at the top of the post) is absolutely gorgeous. Kudos to Topps on that one.

8 Responses to “2009 Topps Baseball Hobby Box Break results:”

  1. Mathewson card: Newspaperman, The Jon hates you.

  2. See, Topps, even The Jon — a man who does not collect cards — loves the Mathewson card.

  3. Nice post…I agree about what you say about Topps Turkey Red. I want to go out and chase them now they are a retro themed insert, though I don’t remember the last year they were printed [2008 or 2007]?

  4. 2008 turkey red was a freakin mess because many of the drawings showed little resemblance to the actual player.

  5. I’m really impressed with Topps’ inserts this year, especially the Legends of the Game inserts. I usually wait and just buy the factory set at the end of the year but I think I’ll splurge and get a jumbo box this year.

  6. I’d love that Ethier card if you’re not collecting the set.

  7. […] collection — and a few other so-so ones picturing Tim Lincecum, Evan Longoria and ~my hero~ Jeff Baker. The inserts included a Cliff Lee Turkey Red, George Sisler Legends of the Game and a Justin […]

  8. […] I purchased a hobby box of 2009 Topps baseball and posted the break. Among the cards I pulled was a Turkey Red Insert of Christy Mathewson. At the time, a friend of mine — who does not collect cards — was jocking the Mathewson […]

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