36 Times Dope: Yo! MTV Raps Box Break (Part IV)



Beware, there is a Slick Rick sighting and it isn’t good for his image. Keep reading for the contents of Pack Four. This is the fourth installment of a 36-part series exposing the greatness of YO! MTV Raps cards.

Public Enemy (Card 61)

Nineteen Eighty … Nine, a number, another summer …

Young MC (Card 99)

I can’t stop staring at the mustache, WTF, man.

Vanilla Ice (Card 93)

YES! The first of many, I hope. Man, Ice looks like he is really into his song right now. The back of this card is funny as hell; talks about Ice performing the song “Ninja Rap” in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II. Go, Ninja. Go, Ninja. Go!

Big Daddy Kane (Card 8 )

It’s impossible to see on the small version, but Big Dady Kane actually has three lines shaved into his right eye brow. Be my guest, click the larger image and see for yourself. This of course reminds me of a barber shop I once went to in the 90s. On the price board, the barber actually had “Lines – $10 ea.” He of course was referring to the lines being shaved into the side of the head. Awesome!

Eric B. & Rakim (Card 28 )

This card highlights the duo’s involvement in Jody Watley’s  “Friends.” Not to be confused with this Friends, or this …

Eric B. & Rakim (Card 27)

Now that’s just lazy, almost the same damn picture as the previous card. Better infograph though as it highlights this song.  Although the one below is suitable for posting since it’s a YO! performance of a similar song.

Doctor Dre & Ed Lover (Card 22)

Damn, Ed Lover is huge here.

YO! Posse (Card 150)

Someone looks out of place and it isn’t Martin Luther King, although he looks frustrated here.

Kid Capri (Card 123)

Nothing says hip-hop like thumbs in the belt loops. Good lookin’, Kid.

Heavy D. & The Boyz (Card 122)

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, Boy(z).

Slick Rick (Card 141)

Goddamn, this card makes me want to fall on the floor and laugh uncontrollably. Slick Rick looks like a pirate high on crack. But while the image on the front is priceless, the first sentence of the infograph might edge it out. Fool was in jail.

Instant Win (lose) Card

You’d think they would at least give me a new slogan to tell me I’m a loser.

So Far In This Box”

MC Hammer — 2

Vanilla Ice — 1

3 Responses to “36 Times Dope: Yo! MTV Raps Box Break (Part IV)”

  1. Slick Rick AND PE?? I need to buy a case of this stuff.

  2. Dr. Dre is the fat one

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